TradeReady® Steel Joist

The premier floor joist system for both commercial and residential framing

TradeReady® steel joists are one of the primary components that make up the TradeReady® floor system. These joists feature large extruded holes that accommodate HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and sprinkler runs. The joist also features a series of smaller holes for electrical and technology lines. TradeReady® steel joists are precision manufactured from corrosion-resistant galvanized steel. Steel joists offer consistent quality, predictable performance and high strength to weight ratio, and they are dimensionally stable. They won’t expand, contract or shrink; they won’t warp, crack or twist. Steel joists integrate easily with other building materials such as structural steel, concrete, ICF and wood construction.

Joists can be ordered in standard lengths or to your exact specifications to minimize waste. Consult the technical design guide or the TradeReady® Steel Joist Design Guide for physical and structural properties, span charts and loading data.


  • Clear spans up to 33’
  • Hole sizes range from 4-1/4” oval to 10” round based on member depth
  • Standard hole spacing:
    • 18" to center of first hole
    • 48" to center of each additional hole
    • Last hole is centered 18" from end of the joist
  • Superior strength permits wider O.C. spacing
  • Pre-cut to your exact specifications—no waste
  • Available in 7-1/4”, 8”, 9-1/4”, 10”, 11-1/4”, 12” and 14” deep members
  • Flange sizes include 1-3/4” and 2”
  • Eliminates soffit framing
  • UL** Listed assemblies L564, G535, G536, G551, G553, G560 and G591

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