Universal Joist Hanger (UJH)

Floor joists connection to structural steel beams or CFS headers

The Universal Joist Hangers (UJH) are used to connect joists to CFS headers and steel I-beams.


The Universal Joist Hangers (UJH) 68mils (14ga) or 97mils (12ga) are used to connect joists to CFS headers (with screws, welds or PAF fasteners) and steel I-beams (with welds or PAF fasteners). The UJH is sized to fit joist sizes from 8" to 14" deep.

Technical Data


Clip to Joist Attachment:

  • The joist flange must rest on top of the Universal Joist Hanger as shown in the image to the right. Attach the UJH hanger with specified number of #10 or #14 screws as listed in the table below under the Joist column.

Clip attachment to CFS Header:

  • Attach the UJH hanger to the top and side (face) of the CFS Header with specified number of #10 screws as listed in the table below.

Clip attachment to Structural Beam:

  • Welded Connection:
    The minimum required weld to the top flange is 2" fillet weld to each side of top flange. Special considerations must be taken when welding galvanized steel.
  • PAF (Powder Actuated Fasteners):
    For powder actuated fasteners attachment (PAF, 0.157"), steel headers shall have minimum 3/16" thickness and minimum yield strength of 36 ksi.

ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A1003
  • Galvanized coating meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A653

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UJH-68 Universal Joist Hanger

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