Architectural Specifications

ClarkDietrich Architectural Specifications

Specifying ClarkDietrich Building Systems in your Architectural Specifications opens the door for contractors to utilize our superior product line. By including ClarkDietrich in your project specification, you eliminate the time, effort and cost involved with the substitution and approval process.

The suggested specification language provided below provides a framework to include ClarkDietrich Building Systems as a preferred Manufacturer for Cold-Formed Metal Framing Systems.

ClarkDietrich's Product MasterSpec® Full Length Specifications

Section 054000 Cold-Formed Metal Framing - ClarkDietrich 10.2021

Section 092216 Non-Structural Metal Framing - ClarkDietrich 10.2021

Section 092400 Cement Plastering - ClarkDietrich 10.2021

ClarkDietrich Acquisitions

Please update the following manufacturer names in your existing specs with ClarkDietrich Building Systems:

  • ClarkWestern Building Systems
  • Clark Steel Framing
  • Western Metal Lath
  • Dale Industries (Dale/Incor)
  • Dietrich Metal Framing
  • Dietrich Industries
  • Unimast Incorporated