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General Vinyl Finishing FAQs

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Do I have to caulk intersections where two PVC trims intersect?

Yes, ClarkDietrich recommends that all butt joints, intersections, ends, and corners be caulked and sealed with a high-performance sealant.  The installer should follow recommendations provided by the sealant manufacturer.  Miter joints may be desired and should be discussed with the construction team prior to installation.

Are ClarkDietrich Vinyl products compliant with the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA)?

Yes, all Vinyl products are produced in Miami, FL and all our PVC is purchased from domestic suppliers.  Documentation may be requested and provided through

Do ClarkDietrich Vinyl products contain any asbestos?

No, all ClarkDietrich products are asbestos free.  MSDS sheets are available upon request.

Are ClarkDietrich products resistant to Ultraviolet (UV) Sunrays?

Yes, all Vinyl exterior grade products are resistant to UV light.  This means they will not degrade/yellow/fade in direct sunlight.  The compounds used are designed for exterior conditions, much like those used in vinyl windows.

Can I use PVC trims in lieu of galvanized or even zinc trims?

Yes, ClarkDietrich manufactures exterior trims from PVC with compounds using Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) that resists UV radiation.  All ClarkDietrich exterior products are formulated and manufactured to meet ASTM D4216.

ASTM C1063, Sec. 6.6.2, Table 1 permits use of PVC, with this direction: "The selection of an appropriate type of material for accessories shall be determined by applicable surrounding climatic and environmental conditions specific to the project location, such as salt air, industrial pollution, high moisture, or humidity."

Are ClarkDietrich products lead free?

Yes, all vinyl products are manufactured from lead free PVC compounds.

Can I paint PVC trims?

Yes, our products have excellent adhesion properties, and no priming is required.  We suggest consulting with the paint manufacturer as to the surface to be painted.  1 – 2 coats are recommended to cover well.

ClarkDietrich can also integrally color the PVC component; and carry stock colors tan, brown, gray and black.  Call to discuss these color optioins with ClarkDietrich Customer Service at 1-800-648-4695.

Have ClarkDietrich products been tested to flame, and smoke spread standards?

Yes, ClarkDietrich products have been extensively tested in accordance with ASTM E84 standards (Steiner tunnel smoke testing of extruded profiles), with results exceeding the minimum values for Class 1 (or A) materials.

Are ClarkDietrich Vinyl products compatible with Butyl or rubberized asphalt adhesives?

No, PVC products are not compatible with the rubberized asphalt or butyl adhesives.  They should not be applied directly to the PVC trims without the use of a barrier, or separation layer.

Do ClarkDietrich vent products have a Florida Building Code (FBC) or Miami-Dade product approval number?

No, PVC vent products are not required to hold an FBC or Miami-Dade approval number because these products are specified in the 2010 Florida Building Code.  Since these products are directly specified and comply with ASTM standards, additional approval is not required.

What if I see a vinyl component from another manufacturer for my application?  Can ClarkDietrich match those designs, or make modifications to existing designs?

Yes. ClarkDietrich personnel can assist you with cross-referencing to other vinyl components.  Furthermore, ClarkDietrich may be able to modify existing components, or will investigate creating a brand new, unique vinyl component for your application.  Contact ClarkDietrich Customer Serivce at 1-800-648-4695.