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We believe in a triple bottom line.
ClarkDietrich subscribes to the definition of sustainability commonly known as the 3 Ps, or “Triple Bottom Line.” As such, our practice of sustainability is aimed at producing balanced benefits for the Planet, People and Prosperity.
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A commitment to keep doing more.

Welcome to a site dedicated to vital reporting and resources, all centered on the ways we affect the environment, individuals, and society at large. This holistic perspective brings focus to our efforts and provides a framework for continual progress. You can discover more about it in our latest Corporate Sustainability Report found below.

As a company driven by innovation and founded on values, we seek to live by the practice “Do The Right Thing — Do Things Right.” Today, we are fully pledged to keep sharing the right information about how our activities affect the planet, people, and the prosperity of communities around us.

Bettering the built environment (and beyond) demands nothing less.

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The environmental well-being of our planet is a top priority imperative. As a leading manufacturer of products for the built environment, we have a responsibility to continually increase the sustainable attributes of the products we supply.
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People are primary beneficiaries of a healthy planet. Our holistic view of sustainability also includes the safety, welfare and human rights of individuals in society, especially those of our own team members.
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Our view of prosperity is founded in our corporate interests, but it goes beyond them to include the collective economy of which we are a part, seeking to act in ways that are good for the communities where our plants and offices are located—helping them and their citizens to grow and thrive in all aspects.
Read Our Latest Report
Read Our Latest Report
This document provides an all-in-one overview of ClarkDietrich’s stance on sustainability, our latest efforts to meet our stated goals, and easily navigable information organized per Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.
Access SustainabilityPRO
Access SustainabilityPRO
Quickly access the product-specific information and certifications needed to calculate contributions to LEED® and other green building certification and rating systems—all in one platform.
Technical Documents Index icon
Technical Documents Index
To assist in providing product transparency, all of our sustainability-related documents can be found on this index page. To easily find product-specific documents, use our SustainabilityPRO search engine.
Low Embodied Carbon (LEC) - ClarkDietrich EPD Cold-Formed Steel
Low Embodied Carbon (LEC) - ClarkDietrich EPD Cold-Formed Steel
This document is just one of many actions that back our responsible stance. It is a standardized, internationally recognized tool containing data to help you evaluate our products’ impact from a comprehensive level.
SustainabilityPRO Tutorial Video
SustainabilityPRO Tutorial Video
Discover the power of SustainabilityPRO with our step-by-step tutorial.
Glossary for Sustainability
Glossary for Sustainability
A comprehensive guide to understanding key terms and concepts related to sustainability in the construction industry.