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Architectural Spec Review

ClarkDietrich provides the design, engineering or building project specifier with a wide array of specification resources including three-part Guide Specifications, as well as complimentary specification reviews. Our CDT certified specification specialists will update code standards, remove out of business manufacturers, add improved verbiage, and insert beneficial product suggestions.  Documents can be submitted in either PDF or Word format and changes will be tracked for you to accept as you see fit.  Within a few days of your submittal you will receive your marked up specifications along with copies of our master specification and information on ClarkDietrichs’ new and innovative products.

Why Get A Spec Review?


Complimentary reviews for:

  • Division 5 - Section 054000 - Cold-Formed Metal Framing
  • Division 9 - Section 092216 - Non-Structural Metal Framing
  • Division 9 - Section 092116 - Gypsum Board Assemblies
  • Division 9 – Section 092400 – Cement Plastering

This free service will keep you up to date with ever changing industry standards. Whether you write your specifications in-house or use an outside consultant, presenting accurate code and product information in these documents is important to defining your brand in the marketplace. Clear and correct specifications can eliminate the time, effort and cost involved with the substitution and approval process.

ClarkDietrich is committed to creating value-added systems and introducing countless new products to meet the ever-changing demands of the building and construction industry. Implementing ClarkDietrich’s suggested changes can save labor time and add value to improve the performance and timely execution of your future projects.