ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System

ClarkDietrich ProSTUD metal stud wall framing

Steel Drywall Studs with smart edge™ technology

ProSTUD Drywall Framing System (ProSTUD® and ProTRAK®) with Smart Edge™ Technology is the innovative steel drywall stud that sets a new industry benchmark for high performance. Its patented design combines high-strength steel with additional stiffening enhancements for a drywall framing stud previously unimagined.

Application(s): Chase Wall, Standard Wall

When we set out to develop this revolutionary drywall framing system, we wanted it to be the best and the most innovative. So, we called in the pros – the guys that work with the product day in and day out. ProSTUD Drywall Framing was developed, tested and approved in the field. The result? Drywall framing performance designed by the pros for the pro.

What’s more, ProSTUD Drywall Framing is backed by comprehensive laboratory testing for strength, fire and sound. No other drywall framing system has been as thoroughly tested as ProSTUD. So not only is it a dream to work with, but it also has the performance to meet the requirements of today’s building codes. ProSTUD is available nationwide.

U.S. Patent No. 9,010,070

ProSTUD Profile Information

Web widths: 1-5/8" (162), 2-1/2" (250), 3-1/2" (350), 3-5/8" (362), 4" (400), 5-1/2" (550), & 6" (600)
Flange: 1-1/4"
Lip: Varies by stud size
Smart Edge™ Technology

Material Thicknesses:

  • ProSTUD 25 / 15mil (25ga EQ) 50ksi
  • ProSTUD 20 / 18mil (20ga EQ) 70ksi
  • ProSTUD 30MIL 33ksi
  • ProSTUD 33MIL 33ksi

Coatings: G40EQ DiamondPlus®, G40 (CP60 available as special order)
G40EQ DiamondPlus® available for 15mil & 18mil only. Contact your ClarkDietrich Sales Representative for market availability.

ProTRAK Profile Information

Web widths: 1-5/8", 2-1/2", 3-1/2", 3-5/8", 4", 5-1/2", & 6"
Legs: 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2", & 3"

Not all combinations of web,leg and gauge are available. Contact your local sales office for details.

Material Thicknesses:

  • ProTRAK 25 / 15mil (25ga EQ) 50ksi
  • ProTRAK 20 / 18mil (20ga EQ) 50ksi
  • ProTRAK 30MIL 33ksi
  • ProTRAK 33MIL 33ksi

Coatings: G40EQ DiamondPlus®, G40 (CP60 available as special order)
G40EQ DiamondPlus® available for 15mil & 18mil only. Contact your ClarkDietrich Sales Representative for market availability.

Construction Advantages:

  • High strength steel combined with low-profile flange stiffening grooves and double offset web planking increases strength and provides greater limiting heights
  • Diamond embossed web creates stiffness, reducing flange fade and screw spinout during drywall installation
  • Strong, lightweight stud and track cuts and handles easier than conventional flat steel studs
  • Flange grooves provide sight line for drywall alignment and aid in positioning screws at drywall joint to maintain the 3/8" edge requirement
  • Web and leg enhancements in ProTRAK® provide straight and rigid members, making it the best choice for framing walls, headers, soffits, and bulkheads

Design Advantages:

  • Designed to meet the additional strength requirements of today’s building codes:
  • IBC 2018, AISI S100-16, ICC-ES AC86 (2019)
  • UL Classified with listing in over 50 designs, including U419, V438, and chase wall assemblies
  • Exceptional sound performance in over 50 tested sound assemblies
  • Independent Product Certification: Intertek - CCRR 0207
  • Can contribute LEED® points in LEED v4.1, v4 or LEED 2009. EPD and HPD verifications also available.
  • National availability
Technical Data

Limiting Heights

Which ProSTUD® limiting height tables should I use?

ProSTUD, like any interior drywall stud, may be used in a variety of applications including walls, ceilings, and soffits. While some conditions may require the expertise of a design professional, many assemblies can be selected based on tabulated data. Locate the required assembly below and follow the instructions for selecting the proper ProSTUD member.

Use ClarkDietrich's Interactive iProSTUD online tool

In addition, iProSTUD provides direct links to UL design reports, third-party STC sound tests and SubmittalPro®, where contractors can view technical data sheets and generate submittals.

Launched in 2013, ClarkDietrich iTools was developed to help architects and contractors evaluate purchasing decisions and assist in product selection for steel framing projects. The cost-saving calculators use applicable project data to give an instant comparative pricing model for both materials and labor for many of ClarkDietrich steel framing products. ClarkDietrich iTools also provides direct links to product pages, LEED® request forms, product literature and technical data sheets. ClarkDietrich iTools is available in both desktop and mobile formats at

Composite Assemblies

Composite limiting height data can be applied to walls where gypsum board is installed on both flanges of the stud for the full height of the wall and to the top and bottom tracks. ProSTUD® composite data is based on the 2018 International Building Code, and was tested and analyzed in accordance with the most recent version of AC86 (2019).

It is important to note that a wall designed using limiting heights from composite tables must be constructed consistent with the assembly as it was tested per ICC-ES AC86.

Not to be used with:

  • Deflection Tracks
  • Resilient Channel
  • Sound Clips
  • 1/2" Gypsum Board
  • Horizontal Running Board

SFIA Technical Publication

Composite Limiting Height Tables

Non-Composite Assemblies

Non-composite conditions are common in all structures. When the gypsum board stops at the ceiling level, but the stud continues to the deck, it is a non-composite condition. Wall framing with Deflection Track, Resilient Channel (RC) or Sound Clips is a non-composite design since the screws attaching the gypsum board are not directly attached to the framing or top track. While there may be advantages to contacting Technical Services or a Design Professional, many conditions can be covered by limiting heights tables shown below. When in doubt, call our complimentary Technical Services Hotline at 888-437-3244.

Distance of unbraced length (Lu) can be found in ProSTUD® Physical and Structural Properties.

Non-Composite Limiting Height Tables

ProSTUD Non-Composite Limiting Heights - FULLY BRACED
ProSTUD Non-Composite Limiting Heights - BRACED AT 48" O.C.

Ceiling Span Tables

Interior ceilings are often supported by ProSTUD® framing. The design criteria varies greatly based on the weight of the ceiling, bracing, and support points.

ProSTUD Ceiling Span Tables

Chase Walls or Furred Walls

Chase & furred walls are common, but the conditions vary greatly depending on the building requirements. While non-composite tables may be used conservatively, when in doubt, contact our Technical Services Hotline at 888-437-3244 for chase wall designs.

See:  ProSTUD Chase Wall Sound Rated Assemblies


ProSTUD® UL® Fire-Rated information

Meeting limiting height requirements are only part of the strengths of ProSTUD Drywall Framing. When it comes to meeting fire-rated systems, ProSTUD is UL approved for the most common UL design assemblies. All fire-rated assemblies comply to UL 263 test standards.

ProSTUD UL fire-rated approvals:

ProSTUD UL Listed Wall Assemblies

ClarkDietrich's ProSTUD Approved UL Listigs on

ProSTUD® Sound Rated Assemblies

ProSTUD has exceptional sound performance in over 75 tested sound assemblies.

Sound Testing was conducted by:

Western Electro - Acoustic Laboratory

ProSTUD STC Ratings sorted by assemblies:

Testing Agencies & Certifications

Independent Product Testing & Certifications

ProSTUD® is Pro Tested! We enlisted the help of the top testing and analysis agencies in the industry to develop ProSTUD. Below is a list of the professional organizations and third party reports for ProSTUD.

Fire Testing

Sound Testing

Structural Analysis (West Coast Products Only)


ProSTUD® Allowable screw design values (lb.)

Non-Structural (ProSTUD) - Screw Allowable Loads


ProTRAK® Deep Leg Deflection Track Systems

Head-of-wall vertical deep leg deflection track systems are required to allow the top of the wall stud to float within the top track legs. This connection allows for vertical live load movement of the primary structure without transferring axial loads to the interior drywall studs. A gap (determined by the Engineer of Record) is required between the top of the wall stud and the deflection track.

Wall framing with Deflection Track is a non-composite design since the screws attaching the gypsum board are not directly attached to the top track.

ProSTUD Drywall Framing studs can be used with multiple Deep Leg Track Systems:

The below link shows more detail on each system:

ProTRAK Deep Leg Deflection Track Systems


Smart Edge™ Technology

An Enhancement For Producing Easier-To-Handle Steel That Reduces The Risk Of Cuts And Scrapes.

Smart Edge is a proprietary safety feature now standard with ClarkDietrich’s industry-leading ProSTUD® Drywall Framing System. We have reworked the edge of the return lips of the studs, and the edge of the leg of the runner tracks, making them smoother and more rounded. The result is an easier-to handle product that reduces the risk of cuts and scrapes for installers, as well as for other trades who may come in contact with the framing.


DiamondPlus® Coating

Prostud® with clarkdietrich DiamondPlus® Coating

While standard G40 studs are accepted by many as the industry standard for interior steel framing, ClarkDietrich also offers ProSTUD with DiamondPlus coating—the next generation of high-performance, code-compliant steel framing systems.


What is an EQ Drywall Stud?

Life Safety - System Performance - Connections

Gauge equivalent drywall framing must meet the minimum performance requirements of conventional drywall framing as defined by the Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA). The industry’s “EQ” product of choice, ProSTUD®, employs roll-forming and steel-making technology, exceeding the performance of conventional drywall framing for allowable moment and screw connection strength.

When comparing drywall framing systems, it is important to keep in mind Life Safety, System Performance and Connections. The ProSTUD Drywall Framing System provides peace of mind for all three important functions by providing the right selection of products and product data for every application.


Code Approvals & Performance Standards:

Calculated properties are based on:

  • AISI S100-16 North American Specification for the Design of CFS Structural Members
  • AISI S220-15 North American Standard for CFS Framing - Nonstructural Members
    • Section A4 - Material - Chemical & mechanical requirements (Referencing ASTM A1003/A1003M)
    • Section A5 - Corrosion Protection (Referencing ASTM A653/A653M)
    • Section A6 - Products - Thickness, shapes, tolerances, identification
    • Section C - Installation - (Referencing ASTM C754)
  • AISI S202-15 – Code of Standard Practice for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing
    • Section F3 – Delivery, Handling and Storage of Materials

ClarkDietrich's nonstructural framing comply with:

SDS & Product Certification Information

Multiple UL® design listings for ProSTUD

  • Over 50 UL Designs. See UL file number R26512 for additional information.
  • UL® and UL® Design are service marks of Underwriters Laboratories, Inc.

U.S. Patent No. 9,010,070

Product Substitution Forms

To simplify the Product Substitution Request process when ClarkDietrich’s Products are not listed in the Architectural Specification, select one of the CSI Forms in our ClarkDietrich Substitution Request Forms Page to help streamline the procedure.

Architectural Specifications

Specifying ProSTUD® & ProTRAK®


Build Green with ClarkDietrich

ClarkDietrich Building Systems is an active member of the U.S. Green Building Council with LEED® Accredited Professionals on staff. ClarkDietrich is committed to supplying quality products and continually looking for new ways to develop greener building products and sustainable business practices. ClarkDietrich products can help your project qualify for LEED points under LEED v4 and LEED 2009.


ClarkDietrich SubmittalPro®

The Fastest way to find product information

Submittal sheets for the exact product you're looking for can be created by using ClarkDietrich's SubmittalPro® Product Submittal System.

Most common ProSTUD submittals can be found below:

Size / Thickness ProSTUD ProTRAK
3-5/8" Pro25 (15mil 50ksi) 362PDS125-15 362PDT125-15
3-5/8" Pro20 (18mil 70ksi) 362PDS125-18 362PDT125-18
3-5/8" Pro 30mil 33ksi 362PDS125-30 362PDT125-30
3-5/8" Pro 33mil 33ksi 362PDS125-33 362PDT125-33
Find all profiles in SubmittalPro® Product Submittal System