RSIC Resilient Sound Isolation Clips

A low cost, high performance, noise control solution

The RSIC Resilient Sound Isolation Clip is used in conjunction with drywall furring channel to fasten gypsum wallboard to various wall and floor-ceiling designs and applications, while simultaneously providing acoustical separation (decoupling). This significantly reduces the amount of impact and airborne sound filtering from rooms above, below and alongside. The RSIC has been acoustically tested, and adds 15 to 20 STC points and 15 to 20 IIC points to most assemblies, reducing the noise transfer by 75 to 100%.

  • Easily attaches to wood, steel or concrete.
  • Adds 15 to 20 STC points to most wall and floor-ceiling assemblies.
  • Reduces noise transfer by 75 to 100%.
  • Ideal for condos, apartments, hotels, motels, theaters or any other structure where noise control is a concern.
  • UL fire rated for over 150 assemblies.