Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)

ClarkDietrich Building Systems Becomes the First Steel Framing Manufacturer to Issue Certified Environmental Product Declarations 

ClarkDietrich Building Systems, the largest manufacturer of cold-formed steel framing in North America, announced July 2015 a milestone in its ongoing commitment to supplying high-quality, environmentally responsible products. ClarkDietrich received third party-verified ISO-compliant Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for its complete steel product portfolio, including its popular ProSTUD® and ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus™ Steel Framing Systems.

An EPD is a standardized, internationally recognized, comprehensive tool for providing information on a product’s environmental impact. Verified by a third party, information in the document is based on an ISO-compliant Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). This detailed analysis considers all processes in the life cycle of a product, including raw material extraction and refining, energy use and efficiency during manufacture, in addition to transportation methods.

EPD10056 - ClarkDietrich EPD for Cold-Formed Steel Products

Includes: Interior Finishing, Exterior Framing, Interior Framing, Clips/Connectors & Metal Lath/Accessories

EPD10057 - ClarkDietrich EPD for ProSTUD® with DiamondPlus™ Coating

Sustainable practices are considered at all levels of the company. ClarkDietrich recycles 100 percent of steel waste at its manufacturing facilities and employs a technical team that includes numerous LEED accredited professionals, while product development consciously engages optimal use of material, as well as ease of construction. 


As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, we are fundamentally committed to manufacturing quality products that are environmentally responsible, and at all levels of our company we are continually working to develop greener building practices.


Under the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) LEED v4 green building rating system, major changes were introduced to the Materials and Resources category. Specifically, LEED v4 seeks more transparency around the environmental and health impacts of building materials and products. ClarkDietrich’s products contribute directly towards achieving Building Product Disclosure and Optimization credits in LEED v4.

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ClarkDietrich's Health Product Declarations (HPDs)

ClarkDietrich HPD for Cold-Formed Steel Products


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