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Welded-Wire Lath (Structa Wire)

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Innovative Stucco Reinforcing Products from Structa Wire Corp

Welded Wire Stucco Reinforcing Products for 3 Coat & 1 Coat Stucco

  • From the inside out, we make stucco beautiful.
  • We provide engineered, tested and approved solutions for stucco walls, ceilings and corners.   
  • Our products employ the patented use of ‘cold rolled’ or flat wires to increase strength and structural performance.
  • We give design consideration to every detail to ensure worker friendliness & construction site efficiency.
  • Technical and engineering support provided.
  • Meets IAPMO ER 2017 in compliance with the 2012 International Building Code® (IBC)


Mega Lath
heavy duty Reinforcing Mega Lath is a self-furring welded wire that provides heavy-duty reinforcing for both stucco and stone installation.
Structalath III
Stucco Reinforcing Structa Wire lath is a welded wire lath, engineered to enhance the performance of stucco cladding and is a part of the ClarkDietrich Easy Embedment System.
Twin Trac
Superior Stucco Reinforcing Structalath Twin Trac is an innovative reinforcing lath that simplifies the attachment of lath to wood and steel studs.
V Truss
Corner Reinforcing Innovative Structa V Truss is the result of our continued commitment to providing the best lathing products possible.
V Truss - Walls & Ceilings
wall & ceilings Reinforcing V Truss for Walls & Ceilings is designed to improve the performance of stucco on overhead surfaces.