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Mega Lath

heavy duty Reinforcing

Mega Lath is a self-furring welded wire that provides heavy-duty reinforcing for both stucco and stone installation.

Application(s): Stone Veneer, Stucco

Mega Lath is an engineered product that provides easy attachment for both wood and steel construction. Specifically designed for stucco applications that require extra reinforcing, Mega Lath can be used as an alternative to 3.4 lb/yd2 diamond mesh metal lath specified in ASTM C847 and at 1.95 lb/yd2. Mega Lath can be installed 24" o.c. over open framing. Mega Lath is recommended wherever 2.5 or 3.4 metal sheet lath is specified.

Structa Wire products are sold by ClarkDietrich in markets East of the Rocky Mountains. For all inquiries in the Rocky Mountain region and Westward, please reach out to Structa Wire Corp. for service.


  • Mega Lath is made with less metal but has more strength than any other product available – including sheet lath products
  • It is engineered to meet weight requirements for architectural stone product installations



  • Dense product is made from 17ga galvanized steel wire welded to form 0.7 inch x 1.5 inch openings
  • Its design promotes uniform plaster thickness
  • A series of flat-bottomed V-shaped furrs ensure a full 3/8" scratch coat
  • Furr will not puncture the vapour barrier
  • Additional cold-rolled longitudinal wires form a twin track that simplifies attachment, for greater productivity and job satisfaction
  • The cold-rolled technology produces flat wires that reduce curvature memory, for an easy-to-handle roll
  • Rolls are more manageable than sheet products and make for easy installation

Easy Embedment System (EES) Overview

Downloadable CAD details are available in the Resources tab


(PDF) Structa Wire Lath Products - Storage Instructions

  1. All Structa Wire lath products are galvanized in accordance with ASTM standards and building codes. However, if any galvanized products are not stored correctly and come in contact with moisture for extended periods during storage, they can be affected by corrosion, starting with white rust and potentially progressing to red rust.

  2. Structa laths are shipped on pallets and wrapped with plastic shrink wrap. The shrink wrap serves
    a double purpose – to secure the rolls together, and to the pallet, to prevent shifting of the rolls
    during shipment and warehousing; and secondly to protect the pack from exposure to rain.
    However, in certain climatic situations, condensation can form inside the shrink wrap and be in
    contact with the wire lath.

  3. Structa Wire recommends that their products be stored undercover in a clean and dry environment, free of any chemical interaction.

  4. Pallets of the product should be inspected weekly. If condensation is evident on the inside of
    the plastic, a strip of the wrap should be removed near the top tier to allow the condensation
    to dry out.

  5. If the condensation persists, greater sections of the wrap should be removed and the pallet moved indoors so that the material will dry out. It is important that the lath is kept dry and not in contact with moisture for extended periods.

  6. By taking these precautions, Structa lath products can be stored for extended periods without deterioration, and be in excellent condition to fulfill their role as a long term stucco lathing material.

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