Flat Tail™ Slide Clip (FTSC)

Allows for vertical building movement and provides a horizontal standoff

NEW profile providing larger allowable loads for maximum design capacities.
The older Flat Tail Fast Clip will be phased out but info can be found here

ClarkDietrich Flat Tail™ Slide Clip is used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building structure and provide for 2-1/4" vertical building movement independent of the coldformed steel framing. A Flat Tail Slide Clip provides variable standoff and eliminates the need for shims or additional framing components. The clip easily fastens to the floor/ceiling beam and is secured to the stud with ClarkDietrich proprietary deflection screws. The clip restricts lateral movement, but enables vertical building movement.

  • Ideal for variable standoff conditions
  • Vertical movement up to 2-1/4” (1-1/8” up and 1-1/8” down)
  • FastClip™ Deflection Screws (included) provide frictionless slip connection

Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product Code Gauge Mils Design Thickness (in) Stud Width



FTSC3-97 12 97 0.1017 3-5/8" 25
FTSC3-118 10 118 0.1242 3-5/8" 25
FTSC6-97 12 97 0.1017 6" - 8" 25
FTSC6-118 10 118 0.1242 6" - 8" 25


  • Clips: 25 Clips per bucket.
  • Includes 110 FastClip Deflection Screws for FTSC3 per bucket
  • Includes 160 FastClip Deflection Screws for FTSC6 per bucket




It is the responsibility of the design professional to detail the attachment of the clips and verify that their capacity meets the requirements of the intended application.

Allowable Clip loads based on using the following attachments to the structure:


Connection to the building can be made with screws, powder-actuated fasteners (PAFs), or by welding. Mechanical fasteners shall be located in the pilot holes. (2) FastClip Deflection Screws are required in each slot to attach the clip to the cold-formed steel framing. Screws shall be placed in the slot with 1" center-to-center spacing using guide lines as a reference.

FastClip™ deflection screws

Many of the ClarkDietrich deflection clips include our proprietary FastClip fastener that has been specifically designed to provide friction-free deflection. These fasteners eliminate drag, binding or resistance that can often occur with common fasteners.

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