Pony Wall

Partial wall framing connection to floor

The ClarkDietrich Pony Wall is intended to support out-of-plane loading of cantilevered partial wall systems that are unsupported at the top track.  Out-of-plane loads are transferred to the floor system through the base-plate, which is welded to the Pony Wall stud member.

Product Dimensions
PW24 = 23-3/4" tall with 3-3/8" wide x 8" long plate
PW36 = 35-3/4" tall with 3-3/8" wide x 8" long plate
PW48 = 47-3/4" tall with 3-3/8" wide x 8" long plate

Material Specifications
Plate Material:  ASTM A36 1/2" thick hot rolled steel
Stud Material:  Structural Grade 50 Type H (ST50H), 50ksi (340 MPa)
12ga (97mil), 0.1017" Design thickness, 0.0966" Min. thickness

Packaging:  Individually
ASTM:  A36, A653/A653M, A1003


  • Install the Pony Wall inside the track or directly to the floor structure.  Anchor to the floor as designed by EOR.  Attach the studs to both flanges of the Pony Wall.  A minimum of 3-1/2" stud member can be used.

Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product code Overall Height Packaging
PW24 23-3/4" tall Individually
PW36 35-3/4" tall Individually
PW48 47-3/4" tall Individually

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