U-Channel (CRC)

Traditional cold-rolled Channel (CRC) for bridging

ClarkDietrich U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC), attached to the studs with clips or weld, are one of the most common bridging methods used to provide resistance to stud rotation and minor axis bending under wind and axial loads. 1-1/2" U-Channel is passed through the stud knockout and secured with ClarkDietrich's FastBridge Clip, SwiftClip™ (L-Series) or EasyClip™ (U-Series™) Clip Angles and screws. Lateral bracing is typically installed at a maximum of 48" O.C. Consult ClarkDietrich’s Technical Services for proper spacing. Welding U-Channel to the stud is acceptable but should not be used in studs wider than 6".


  • Clip Angles must be used with screws to brace cold-formed framing properly. U-Channel does not provide proper bracing if it is not adequately attached to the framing member.

  • Extreme care should be taken in the quality of the weld. If the weld burns through or does not penetrate, the U-channel will not be effective.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Product Code Gauge (mils) Size Lbs./Ft. Pcs./Bundle
075U50-54 (33ksi)
075U50-54 (50ksi)
16 (54) 3/4" 0.30 lbs. 10
150U50-54 (33ksi)
150U50-54 (50ksi)
16 (54) 1-1/2" 0.44 lbs. 10
200U50-54 (33ksi)
200U50-54 (50ksi)
16 (54) 2" 0.54 lbs. 10

Stock length: 16’-0” long (Also available in 10’ and 20’ lengths)

U-Channel used in a Drop Ceiling Assembly

ClarkDietrich U-Channels are used in drop ceiling assemblies by suspending them from the overhead structure using hanger wire. Drywall furring channel is commonly clipped with metal furring channel clips or wire-tied perpendicular to the underside of the U-Channel at appropriate intervals for screw-attaching drywall.  Assemblies are installed per the project specification or ASTM C 754 requirements.