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Patents & Trademarks


ProSTUD® - U.S. Patent No. 9,010,070 owned by ClarkDietrich Building Systems

TRAKLOC® Drywall Framing System - U.S. Patent Nos.  7,223,043; 7,594,331; 8,061,099; 8,074,416 - Japan Patent Nos. 4934868; 5156889 - Australia Patent Nos. 2006201344; 2005332657 owned by ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Rigid & Deflection Clips - U.S. Patent No. 6,688,069 is owned by ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Drift FastClip™ Slide Clip (D-FCSC)  - U.S. Patent No. D814,905

Drift Head-of-Wall - U.S. Patent No. D839,078

CC33 3/4" Channel Clip (Bridging Clip with a Rib) - US Patent No. D822,455 and Canadian Patent No. 175,258

TradeReady® - U.S. Patent Nos. 6,301,854; 6,691,478; 6,418,694; 6,691,487; 6,761,005; 7,240,459
Canadian Patent No. 2319346, Mexican Patent No. 243294

The BlazeFrame® Product Line provided by ClarkDietrich is licensed under the following U.S. Patents:
U.S. Patent No. 7,681,365; 7,814,718; 7,866,108; 8,056,293; 8,136,314; and 8,151,526.

Danback® - U.S. Patent Nos. 6,705,056 is owned by Kathy Tollenaar

FastBack® - U.S. Patent Nos. 7,882,676 is owned by Jeffery Thomas Ellis

FastBridge™ Clip - U.S. Patent No. D692,746 and Canadian Patent No. 152,547

E-Flange™ - U.S. Patent Nos. D841,833; D842,496; D842,497; D843,015

BackerBead® – U.S. Patent Nos. D761,971; D762,310; D861,196

UltraBEAD - U.S. Patent Number 11,725,401 and 11,486,150

Bridging Termination Clip - U.S. Patent No. 10,851,539 B2 owned by Allen Innovations, LLC

CI Weep Track - U.S. Patent No. D656,603 owned by BASF.

GOLDLINE® Trims (Bailey Metal Products Limited) are covered under the following patents:

- USA 5,836,122 and 5,613,335
- Canada 2,212,854
- Australia 69582
- New Zealand 302378

PLATINUM® Trims (Bailey Metal Products Limited) are covered under the following:
- USA 7,214,434 B2
- Canada 2,417,325
- Australia 2004202648
- New Zealand 533606


ClarkDietrich® is a registered trademark of ClarkDietrich Building Systems.

Other trademarks owned by ClarkDietrich Building Systems:
ProSTUD®, TRAKLOC®, TradeReady®, Spazzer®, FastClip™, EasyClip™, Fast Top™, Fast Strut™, FastBridge™, Uni-Clip™, Clip ExpressSM, Stronger Than SteelSM, FastBack™, HDS®, RedHeader PRO™, QuickTwist™, Slide Clip™, SubmittalPro®, SwiftClip™, A-Series™, B-Series™, D-Series™, E-Series™, G-Series™, GP-Series™, H-Series™, L-Series™, LS-Series™, LE-Series™, LA-Series™, S-Series™, T-Series™, U-Series™, X-Series™, MaxTrak®, Bar Guard™, DoubleTrack™, Katz™, BackerBead®, E-Flange™, DiamondPlus®, ClarkDietrich Sound Clip™, RC Deluxe® Resilient Channel, 360TRAK™, Strait-Flex® Ammo-Flex, Strait-Flex® Arch-Flex, Strait-Flex® Big-Stick, Strait-Flex® Perfect-90°™, Strait-Flex® Mud-Pro, Strait-Flex® Perma-Patch, Strait-Flex® Tile-Tape®, Strait-Flex® Uno-Bead, Strait-Flex® X-Crack®.

The BlazeFrame product line provided by ClarkDietrich includes trademarks:
BlazeFrame® (ODSL 2); BlazeFrame® (ODL 2); BlazeFrame® (DL 1); BlazeFrame® (DL 2); BlazeFrame® (JR 1); BlazeFrame® (SL 1); BlazeFrame® (DSL 2); and BlazeFrame® (FC).

Buildex® is a registered trademark of Illinois Tool Works, Inc.

D-Blaze® is a registered trademark of Viance, LLC

FlamePRO® is a registered trademark of Koppers Performance Chemicals, Inc.

LEED® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Green Building Council.

Danback® is a registered trademark of Daniel W. Tollenaar.

UL® and UL Design® are trademarks of Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc.

Hilti is a registered trademark of Hilti Aktiengeseilschaft Corporation.

Structalath,® Twin Trak® and V Truss® are registered trademarks of Structa Wire Corp.

Mega Lath™ is a trademark of Structa Wire Corp.

GOLDLINE® and PLATINUM® are registered trademarks of Bailey Metal Products, Ltd.