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Strait-Flex® Wet-Stick

composite water-activated adhesive

Designed for outside 90° corners without the need of compound or fasteners.

Application(s): Drywall

Wet-Stick utilizes a water-activated adhesive applied to the inside of the flanges for attachment to the drywall corner. Simply spray with water to activate the adhesive and attach to 90-degree outside corners. No need for joint compound or mechanical fasteners for attachment. Small beaded nose creates a straight and clean edge and requires a only a small fill coat to finish.

  • Vertical or horizontal outside 90º corners
  • High traffic areas where bumps and dents commonly occur
  • Impact-resistant nose
  • Provides beautiful corner without fuzz-up during finishing and sanding
  • No delayed shrinkage or edge cracking


  • Measure and cut Wet-Stick to length using a scissors or snips.
  • Using a spray bottle or pump sprayer, wet the inside of Wet-Stick with clean water. Stand up Wet-Stick against wall to let excess water drip off. Do not use a sponge on Wet-Stick as it may remove adhesive.
  • When adhesive feels tacky (45 seconds), apply Wet-Stick onto corner.
  • With an 8” taping knife, apply fill coat with light-weight or all-purpose compound over Wet-Stick. Let dry completely.
  • With a 10” taping knife, apply finish coat of compound smoothly over previous coat. Let dry completely.
  • Use 100-150 grit sandpaper when finish coat is all-purpose compound (harder compound). Use 120-200 grit sandpaper when finish coat is lightweight compound (softer compound). Wet-Stick will not fuzz-up like other paper-laminated corner beads.

Code Approvals & Performance Standards


All stored materials shall be kept dry. Materials shall be stacked off the ground, supported on a level platform, and protected from weather and moisture.

Product submittal Sheets

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Product Code Description
WS-8, WS-9, WS-10, WS-12 Strait-Flex® Wet-Stick

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