TRAKLOC® Elevator Stud™ (TLE)


The two-piece elevator studs arrive in a compressed position to accommodate stocking in a building elevator and then can be extended (telescoped) to the required length at point of installation. This reduces the cost of stocking long studs on floors accessible only by elevators and stairways.

Not all TRAKLOC products are available in all markets.  Please check with your local ClarkDietrich sales representative for availability in your area.


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Other benefits include:

  • Significant productivity gains. Adjustable length studs accommodate variances in the deck height without the need to measure or cut studs on the jobsite.
  • Increased safety. Less measuring and cutting results in less trips up and down ladders or scaffolds and reduced use of chop saws.
  • Noise reduction and cleaner jobsite. Eliminating chop saw use allows work to continue during the day in occupied buildings and may reduce requirement for after-hours fire watch. Less cutting results in less scrap and cleaner safer jobsite.

How to order TRAKLOC® Elevator Stud™:

  • Let the ClarkDietrich Sales Team know the required deck height and they will handle the rest.
  • The elevator stud should be ordered to the maximum required deck height.
  • The compressed length will be approximately one-half of the ordered length, plus twelve inches.
Stock Lengths for TRAKLOC Elevator Stud™
Extended Length Collapsed Length
12'-2" 7'-1"
13'-2" 7'-7"
14'-2" 8'-1"
16'-2" 9'-1"
18'-3" 10'-1 1/2"
*Stock lengths vary by location.

Head-of-wall deflection required?
Elevator Studs are not for deflection by themselves. However, deflection can be achieved by using MaxTrak® slotted deflection track or deep leg track
with lateral bracing at the head of the wall.


Storage Requirements:

TRAKLOC is a dynamic system consisting  of two moving parts. To maintain the telescoping feature of this system, it is important to store TRAKLOC studs indoors, free of excessive dust and airborne particulates.