TRAKLOC® Drywall Framing System

telescopes in length to deal with variances during installation

TRAKLOC® Steel Framing is a revolutionary development in cold-formed steel framing systems. Unlike traditional steel studs, which are cut to length for varying jobsite conditions, TRAKLOC® allows you to order one length member and “adjust” the length accordingly to make up for variances in the slab. The TRAKLOC® Stud and TRAKLOC® Track systems consists of a traditional-style framing member combined with an interlocking adjustable component. The adjustable portion allows for telescopic length adjustments and can accommodate variances in the slab, minor wall heights per floor, etc. The interlocking component of the stud and track eliminate the need for most connections!

Not all TRAKLOC products are available in all markets. Please check with your local ClarkDietrich sales representative for availability in your area.

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TRAKLOC® Drywall Framing
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TRAKLOC's ICC ESR-1464 is in compliance with:

  • 2015 and 2012 International Building Code® (IBC)
  • 2016 California Building Code (IBC)
  • 2017 Florida Building Code (FBC)

The TRAKLOC system is Intertek Warnock Hersey Design Listed and approved for use in both one and two-hour fire-rated head-of-wall assemblies requiring deflection in accordance with ASTM E119 and ASTM E1966.

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Features and Benefits

Another added benefit to the TRAKLOC® system is that screw attachment of the stud and track is not required. The patented swage end formation in the stud, combined with the swaged forming of the track, allows for the two members to “interlock” with no need for screw attachment. The knurling along the web of the track allow for minor adjustments to be made while keeping the members solidly locked in place. TRAKLOC® steel framing members come in standard widths of 2-1/2," 3-5/8", 4" and 6".

  • Twists and locks into place. Studs can be installed from the ground, greatly reducing time spent climbing ladders and scaffolding.
  • Installation of TRAKLOC is ICC-ES approved without the use of fasteners to attach the studs to the top or bottom track. ICC-ES Report ESR-1464.
  • Significant productivity gains are possible versus conventional stud and track framing. This results in substantial installed cost savings!
  • Safer Framing System™ reduces jobsite hazards. Less time spent climbing scaffolds, ladders, lifts and bending over to install screws result in fewer job related injuries and reduced workers compensation costs.
  • Less cutting of studs significantly reduces material scrap and waste.
  • Less noise, less steel shavings and improved air quality.
  • Allows for seismic and live-load vertical inter-floor deflection in the stud, not the track. This feature eliminates the need for deflection tracks in fire-rated head-of-wall assemblies