RedHeader PRO™ Rough Opening System

RedHeader Pro™ - The next generation of ClarkDietrich’s RedHeader system.

This new system will soon replace its predecessor (RedHeader RO™) and provides even more versatility for walls and ceilings contractors. Most notably, RedHeader Pro now uses the same-sized member for the jamb and header. This allows for even greater functionality, while still reducing the amount of material by up to 50 percent. As with the original system, RedHeader Pro also eliminates “capped” members, which allows fasteners to drive through only a single thickness of steel.

Contractors will also notice that the top of the header is open and the header and jamb assembly are flush.This design allows for easy install of the insulation while virtually eliminating the need to pre-insulate headers prior to installation.

At ClarkDietrich, continuous improvement is a byproduct of sustainable thinking at every level of the company—from manufacturing processes to product design. The enhanced sustainability features of RedHeader Pro include a more adaptable size, as well as the elimination of the system’s namesake red paint. While the red paint was a great product identification feature, the energy used to achieve it was not within our ongoing efforts to reduce the environmental impact in all aspects of our business.

Additionally, the new HDSC Header Bracket uses less steel than the original blue Drop ’N Lock™ Clip. The combination of a more economical shape and the elimination of the painting process is also in keeping with our green initiative.

RedHeader PRO™ can cut your labor time in half.

It’s designed to replace conventional boxed headers and built-up jambs and provide better results in half the time. One-piece headers and jambs eliminate the additional studs, track and screws required to frame conventional rough openings. Headers and jambs are also pre-cut to specified lengths to eliminate field cutting.



  • Eliminates built-up jambs and boxed or lay-in headers.
  • Reduces material pieces and screws by up to 50%.
  • The header easily slides into the HDSC Clip.
  • Eliminates "capped" members, allowing drywall screws to drive through only one thickness of material.
  • Header stud allows for easier fit of rigid insulation without additional cutting.
  • Opened jamb stud does not require pre-insulating.
  • SAVES LABOR in installation and handling!


  • Pre-cut headers (4' 0" and over) available standard, based on minimum quantity orders.
  • Minimum quantity orders of 30 headers required.
  • HEADER LENGTHS SHOULD BE ORDERED 1/2" SHORTER THAN OPENING WIDTH TO FIT INSIDE CLIPS (Header Length = Inside of Jamb to Inside of Jamb Minus 1/2").