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Opening Framing Sizing Webform

For quick and accurate member sizing, fill out the below Technical Sizing Form.
Then submit it to our Technical Services Team. You should typically expect to receive a response within one working day.

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Framing System
Framing Location
Design Parameters

This information can typically be found in the General Notes Section of the Project's Structural Drawings

Exposure Category
Exposure Category - Reflects the characteristics of ground surface irregularities at a site which the building or structure is to be constructed. The rougher the surface, the lower the multiplier that converts wind speed to pressure. This information is given on the “general notes” page of the structural drawings.
Risk Category
Risk Category - A categorization of buildings and other structures for determination of flood, wind, snow, ice, and earthquake loads based on the risk associated with unacceptable performance. This information is given on the “general notes” page of the structural drawings.
Interior Pressure
Deflection Guide
Deflection Guide
Deflection Guide: L/600~Brick L/360~Stucco L/240~E.I.F.S.

Any information obtained via use of this Online WebForm is to assist the user in the selection and/or analysis of steel framing products. Such Output is preliminary in nature and is not intended to replace the calculations and services of the architect and engineer of record. User is solely responsible for independently verifying the accuracy of the Input and Output and the currency of product specifications.