Bridging Termination Clip (BTC3,BTC4,BTC6)

U-Channel Lateral Bracing Clip

The ClarkDietrich Bridging Termination clip is used to secure U-Channel or Cold Rolled Channel (CRC) to structural wall studs when used in load-bearing or curtain wall applications (loads for structural stud gauges of 20, 18, 16, 14 & 12).


The BTC’s unique design allows for quicker installation in end-of-wall conditions.

The BTC is a stiffened, G90 galvanized steel clip that's tested and designed to facilitate rapid, efficient installation of 1-1/2" U-Channel lateral bracing for exterior curtain wall framing, load-bearing walls or high interior partitions constructed of structural studs.

BTC clips are fastened using #8 self-drilling screws; 2 screws between clip and U-channel and 2 screws between clip and stud flanges. The BTC clips are designed to be used with 3-5/8”, 4” or 6” structural studs only.

U.S. Patent No. 10,851,539 B2

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Install the BTC by sliding the flanges of the clip over the open side of the stud and positioning the clip over the CRC using the guides on the underside of the clip.  Once in place, fasten to the CRC using #8 screws.  Finally, fasten the flanges of the clip to the stud flange by using #8 screws.


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ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Sheet steel meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A1003
  • Galvanized coating meets or exceeds requirements of ASTM A653

PRoduct submittal SHeets

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For 3-5/8" Studs:

Product code Mils/Gauge Description
BTC3-43 43mils/18ga Bridging Termination Clip
BTC3-54 54mils/16ga
BTC3-68 68mils/14ga

For 4" Studs:

Product code Mils/Gauge Description
BTC4-43 43mils/18ga Bridging Termination Clip
BTC4-54 54mils/16ga
BTC4-68 68mils/14ga

For 6" Studs:

Product code Mils/Gauge Description
BTC6-43 43mils/18ga Bridging Termination Clip
BTC6-54 54mils/16ga
BTC6-68 68mils/14ga

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