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093 Zinc Control Joint (ZNCJ)

Drywall or veneer plaster control joint

ClarkDietrich 093 Zinc Control Joint is applied between abutting gypsum panels and is used to relieve the stresses of expansion and contraction of drywall and veneer plaster systems in large ceiling and wall expanses over 30' in length.

Application(s): Drywall, DEFS, Plaster

#093 Zinc Control Joint is typically installed from door header to ceiling, from floor to ceiling in long partition runs, and from wall-to-wall in large ceiling areas. Zinc Control Joints are manufactured from high-quality pure zinc and can be used for interior or exterior applications where heightened corrosion resistance is required. The 1/4" by 7/16" opening is protected by plastic tape, which is removed after joint compound or plaster has been applied and the finish is completed.

Note: Where fire and/or sound ratings are required, a code approved and tested joint assembly must be installed behind the ZNCJ control joint. Consult construction documents for details of construction for the control joint assembly.

  • Relieves stress of expansion and contraction
  • Zink for corrosion protection
  • Use with drywall or veneer plaster

Also available: FAS-093X Fire Rated Control Joint - A composite control joint with intumescent tape factory applied to the back side of the control joint.

Code Approvals & Performance Standards

  • ASTM B69 Standard Specification for Rolled Zinc
  • ASTM C840 Standard Specification for Application and Finishing of Gypsum Board
  • ASTM C841 Standard Specification for Installation of Interior Lathing and Furring
  • ASTM C1047 Standard Specification for Accessories for Gypsum Wallboard and Gypsum Veneer Base
  • ASTM C1063 Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster
  • SDS Zinc Strip Cold Formed Finished Products

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ZNCJ #093 Zinc Control Joint

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