Self-Furring Dimple Lath

1/4" self-furring, dimpled, Expanded Steel Plaster and Stucco Base

A self-furring expanded dimpled metal lath ideal for interior and exterior use over sheathing, masonry, and other solid surfaces as required per ASTM C847, ASTM C1780, ASTM C1063. The 1/4" dimpled furring allows for more thorough plaster or stucco embedment into and behind the lath for superior mechanical bonding.

Application(s): Stucco, Stone Veneer

The dimple-patterned, self-furring plaster base is manufactured with evenly spaced indentations that hold the metal lath 1/4" away from the surface to be plastered. This results in an even and thorough embedment of the plaster.

The dimples are spaced every 4"-6" over the rectangular sheet. This lath is ideal for manufactured stone installations per ASTM C1780 or typical plaster applications per ASTM C1063.

2.5# and 3.4# self-furring dimple lath is available with G90 coating with a special order and lead time. Self-furring dimple lath is also available with a 60-Minute Grade-D asphalt paper-backing (APB) weather resistant barrier.



ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Product specifications
    • ASTM C847 Metal Lath
    • ASTM C841/C1063 Veneer and plaster accessories
    • ASTM C1047 Beads and trims–metal–paper–vinyl
    • ASTM C933 Specification for welded wire lath
  • Material specifications
    • ASTM A1003 (NS33, ST33L, ST33H, ST50L, ST50H)
    • ASTM A653 Zinc-coated hot-dip process
    • ASTM A653/B69 Veneer and plaster accessories/standard spec for zinc strip
  • Protective coating standards
    • ASTM A653  Zinc-coated hot-dip process
    • ASTM C1063 Veneer and plaster accessories
    • ASTM C1047 Beads and trims–metal–paper–vinyl
  • Installation standards
    • ASTM C1063 Installation of metal plaster base systems
    • ASTM C1780 Installation of adhered manufactured stone veneer
  • All ClarkDietrich Expanded Metal Lath is fabricated from prime galvanized steel, G60 zinc coating by the hot dipped method, conforming to Specification ASTM A653/A653M.
  • Intertek CCRR-0204 - Metal Lath - Code Compliance Research Report
    Check the updated list of Certified Production Facilities at Intertek's website at

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LAD Self-Furring Dimple Lath (2.5lb and 3.4lb)

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