Barrier Mesh for Security

High-strength expanded metal mesh for walls and ceilings

Barrier Mesh™ is a tough, rigid, heavy-gauge steel mesh installed typically onto stud framing (both metal and wood), with gypsum sheathing applied to its surface to conceal the barrier mesh, thereby providing a significant barrier to security breach across that wall system. ClarkDietrich Building Systems’ Barrier Mesh™ (BM) can also be used without sheathing to provide an enhanced protection of security to walls, ceilings as well as floors.  Barrier Mesh™ is produced in different size diamonds and gauges for minimum, medium or maximum security protection.

In addition to providing high-strength and fire-resistant protection, Barrier Mesh™ also offers a cost effective and time-saving alternative to reinforced concrete or concrete masonry systems. The Barrier Mesh™ System is designed to attach to metal or wood stud framing with specially designed Barrier Mesh™ clips, purchased with the Barrier Mesh and shipped together, as a system. ClarkDietrich mesh sheets are 4’x 8’ and sizes in chart below; special order mesh sizes available upon requests with additional lead-time.

  • Protects against break-ins and break-outs on metal stud framing
  • Ideal for use in lieu of reinforced concrete or concrete block
  • High-strength and fire-resistant
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Permitted for use in UL – Wall Assemblies, see UL R19331 for full listing

Projects Uses: 

Correctional facilities, Government offices, Retail stores, Computer rooms, Airport security, Law enforcement facilities, Military facilities or any space that requires substantial barrier protection.

Product Data & Ordering Information:

Material:     Type II,  Class 1 - Carbon Steel - Mesh, Complying to ASTM F1267
(Type II, Class 2 - Galvanized available by special order)
Sheet Size:    48” x 96”

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Product Code Nom.
Overall Thickness Diamond Bond Size (Center-to-Center) Weight lbs/100ft² Percent of Open Area
BM50 18 .038" 1/2" .500" x 1.26" 61 61
16 .048" 77 61
13 .072" 126 57
BM75 16 .048" 3/4" .923" x 2.10" 47 76
13 .072" 67 77
9 .108" 157 65
BM10 16 .048" 1" 1.00" x 2.52" 38 80
BM15 16 .048" 1-1/2" 1.33" x 3.15" 35 82
13 .072" 51 83
9 .108" 105 76


(BM-Clip) ClarkDietrich Barrier Mesh™ Clips

Custom designed Barrier Mesh Clip, specifically to be used when installing Barrier Mesh into walls and ceilings.

ClarkDietrich BM-Clips are high-strength steel components which provide secure attachment of Barrier Mesh™ metal panels to wood or steel stud framing for a complete Barrier Mesh™ System. The ClarkDietrich BM-Clips act as “washers” for the attachment of the Barrier Mesh to framing members. 300 clips/carton. BM-Clips are available upon request.


ASTM & Code Standards:

  • ASTM F1267 – Standard Specification for Metal, Expanded, Steel
    • Type II, Class 1 – Carbon Steel
    • Type II, Class 2 – Galvanized
    • Type II, Class 3 – Stainless Steel
  • ASTM A1011/A1011M – Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Hot-Rolled, High-Strength Low-Alloy Carbon
  • Expanded Metals Manufacturers Association - EMMA 557-15
  • Permitted for use in UL – Wall Assemblies, see U419 (1-4 hours)
  • SDS & Product Certification Information


All stored materials shall be kept dry. Materials shall be stacked off the ground, supported on a level platform, and protected from the weather and surface contamination.