Paper-Backed Lath

Galvanized Expanded Steel Plaster/Stucco Base

A superior mesh multi-purpose expanded steel base with an approved Grade-D weather resistant barrier attached. Application of asphalt paper-backed (APB) metal lath is used behind stone, traditional stucco, and tile installations as a code compliant weather resistant barrier.

Application(s): Stucco, Stone Veneer

It provides protection against wet areas during stucco curing. Paper-Backed Lath comes in flat and self-furring configurations to accommodate your installation needs.

APB is available with Diamond Metal Lath, Self-Furring Dimple Lath and Self-Furring V-Groove Lath.

Optional 60-minute Grade-D paper available for higher weather resistance and durability.

The asphalt paper-backed weather resistant barrier meets Federal Specification UUB790A: Type 1, Grade-D, Style 2 and is printed on the face of the paper for easy identification.

Galvanized steel products should not be used with magnesium oxychloride cement stucco or Portland cement stucco containing calcium chloride additives.


ASTM & Code Standards:

  • Product specifications
    • ASTM C847 Metal Lath
    • ASTM C841/C1063 Veneer and plaster accessories
    • ASTM C1047 Beads and trims–metal–paper–vinyl
    • ASTM C933 Specification for welded wire lath
  • Material specifications
    • ASTM A1003 (NS33, ST33L, ST33H, ST50L, ST50H)
    • ASTM A653 Zinc-coated hot-dip process
    • ASTM A653/B69 Veneer and plaster accessories/standard spec for zinc strip
  • Protective coating standards
    • ASTM A653  Zinc-coated hot-dip process
    • ASTM C1063 Veneer and plaster accessories
    • ASTM C1047 Beads and trims–metal–paper–vinyl
  • Installation standards
    • ASTM C1063 Installation of metal plaster base systems
    • ASTM C1780 Installation of adhered manufactured stone veneer
  • All ClarkDietrich Expanded Metal Lath is fabricated from prime galvanized steel, G60 zinc coating by the hot dipped method, conforming to Specification ASTM A653/A653M.
  • Intertek CCRR-0204 - Metal Lath - Code Compliance Research Report
    Check the updated list of Certified Production Facilities at Intertek's website at

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Product Code Description
LAM (O) Paper-Backed Diamond Mesh Lath
LAD (O) Paper-Backed Dimple SF Lath
LAV (O) Paper-Backed V-Groove SF Lath

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