TradeReady® Rim Track Splice Plate (TDSP)

Ideal for splicing rim joist and is easily field skewable for off-angle rim joist connections

The Field Skewable TradeReady® Rim Track Splice Plate provides an easy and efficient method for splicing TradeReady® Rim. This plate is also ideal for connecting and reinforcing the rim at bay or bow window details. The center of the plate allows for easy one-time field bending from 0 ̊ to 135 ̊.


Caution: This plate can only be bent one time.

  • Ideal for bay and bow windows.
  • Great for off-angle connections.
  • Prepunched for easy installation.


Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product code Gauge Mils Design thickness (in) Size (in) Packaging Pcs./Bucket
TDSP-54 16 54 0.0566 4 x 6 100

Coating: G90 (Z275) hot-dipped galvanized coating
Gauge: 16 gauge (54 mils)
Yield Strength: Mill-Certified SS Grade 50 ksi (340 MPa) ASTM: A 653/A 653M


For splicing connections, align center slots in splice plate over the joint of the rim joists. Secure splice plate by filling all prepunched screw holes with #10 screws.

For off-angle connections, field bend (ONE TIME ONLY ) to the required degree so the plate fits securely over the two adjoining members. Secure field skewable plate by filling all prepunched screw hole with #10 screws.