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FastBack® Backing System (FBBC)

Universal design-Works with studs in either direction

The FastBack backing system features a universal design that works with studs in either direction—concealing fasteners on the face of the product. Reduces screw pops and touch up work with no exposed fasteners on the face of the product.

The system creates an interlocked design between the stud and track for baseboard backing installations; and a cutaway design allows backing and bracing to be installed all the way to the floor.  Optional pre-cut and fire-retardant D-Blaze® or FlamePRO® Wood Backing is sized to fit 12," 16" and 24" o.c. spacing and can be used with the FBBC5 or FBBC10 clip. Available for overnight delivery.
FBBC5-2X, 162-FBBC5-2X and 200-FBBC5-2X are designed to support traditional 2X lumber.

Perfect backing system for:

  • Handrails
  • Baseboards
  • Door Jams and Wood Trim
  • Cabinets and Vanities

D-Blaze® and FlamePRO® FRT is pressure-treated wood that is chemically treated to reduce the flamespread and smoke development. Both D-Blaze® and FlamePRO® are Class A fire retardant; EPA registered, and comply with all national codes including the International Building Code (IBC) and the International Residential Code (IRC).

D-Blaze® is a registered trademark of Viance, LLC.
FlamePRO® is a registered trademark of Koppers Performance Chemicals, Inc.

FastBack® - U.S. Patent Nos. 7,882,676 is owned by Jeffery Thomas Ellis

3/4" plywood (5ply) Load Table

Product Code Stud Flange
Stud Framing
Thickness / KSI
Shear / 0" Offset
(lbs Nom)
Shear / 1" Offset
(lbs Nom)
Shear / 3" Offset
(lbs Nom)
(lbs Nom)
FBBC5 1-1/4" (33mil) 20ga / 33ksi 2045 950 325 740
FBBC10 1-1/4" (33mil) 20ga / 33ksi 2685 1185 435 925

2X Lumber Load Table

Product Code Stud Flange
Stud Framing
Thickness / KSI
Shear / 0" Offset
Shear / 1" Offset
Shear / 3" Offset
FBBC5-2X 1-1/4" 15mil / 50ksi 425 260 95 130
18mil / 70ksi 445 260 120 140
30mil / 33ksi 500 260 150 140
33mil / 33ksi 525 260 140 210
162FBBC5-2X 1-5/8" 33mil (20ga) / 33ksi 470 260 140 195
43mil (18ga) / 33ksi 470 260 140 200
54mil (16ga) / 50ksi 470 290 140 200
68mil (14 ga) / 50ksi 470 290 150 200
200-FBBC5-2X 2" 43mil (18ga) / 33ksi 430 315 160 170
54mil (16ga) / 50ksi 430 345 160 170
68mil (14 ga) / 50ksi 430 345 160 170

Load Table Notes:

  1. Listed loads values for ¾” (5 ply) are nominal test load values, appropriate safety factors/resistance factors should be applied by the designer for calculating loads for intended use. Listed Load values for 2X lumber are calculated utilizing 3.0 factor of safety.
  2. Shear / Offset (moment-rotation) Load refers to load directed in the plane of the wall.
  3. Tension Load refers to load directed perpendicular to wall or wood surface.
  4. Tabulated loads include the contribution of 5/8" gypsum board.
  5. Test loads were applied to the gypsum board and backing system through a 1/2" thick, 2-3/4" diameter steel plate secured with (4) #12 hex head screws.
  6. Loads were applied directly through the steel plate or to a steel rod that cantilevered from the plate.
  7. Typical failure mode in backing testing was the gypsum board failure.
  8. Framing member design capacities should be checked separately
  9. Tests were also conducted to evaluate the impact of centered vs offset loading of the wall bracket and test results concluded the offset loading test results were comparable to centered loading test results.


Rotate the FastBack® clip over the flange of the stud until it sits flush. Fasten into place using (3) #8 wafer head/pan head screws to metal stud at each pre-punched hole. Place wood onto tabs and fasten into place using three #8 wafer head/pan head screws.  One screw placed at the center and one screw placed 1/2" from top and bottom edges of wood.

Code Approvals & Performance Standards

  • ASTM A653 Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Zinc-Coated (Galvanized) or Zinc-Iron Alloy-Coated (Galvannealed) by the Hot-Dip Process
  • ASTM A1003 Standard Specification for Steel Sheet, Carbon, Metallic- and Nonmetallic-Coated for Cold-Formed Framing Members
  • SDS For ASTM A1003 Steel Framing Products For Interior Framing, Exterior Framing and Clips/Accessories


  • UL GREENGUARD Gold Certification – UL 2818
  • ICC ESR-4244
  • UL Classified with an FR-S Rating for flame spread and smoke development values of 25 or less
  • AWPA E12, AWPA M4, AWPA P50, AWPA T1 standard
  • Cal Fire Certified
  • ASTM 2768
  • ASTM D3201, D5516, D5664,  E84, E119, 2768, D6305, D6841
  • AWPA T1
  • AWPA UC-1
  • Class A FRT wood
  • UL Recognized Component
  • NFPA 703, 101 Life Safety Code
  • City of Los Angeles Building Code
  • City of Los Angeles Residential Code
  • National Building Code of Canada
  • One & two hour tested wall assemblies
  • 50-year warranty

(All are subject to revision, re-examination)

PRoduct submittal SHeets

Click the below Product Code to view Submittal/Tech Datasheet.

Product CodeDescription
FBBC5FastBack® - 1-1/4" Flange x 5-1/8" Tall System for 3/4" Backing
FBBC10FastBack® - 1-1/4" Flange x 10-1/4" Tall System for 3/4" Backing
FBBC5-2XFastBack® - 1-1/4" Flange x 5-1/8" Tall System for 2X Backing
162-FBBC5-2XFastBack® - 1-5/8" Flange x 5-1/8" Tall System for 2X Backing
200-FBBC5-2XFastBack® - 2" Flange x 5-1/8" Tall System for 2X Backing

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