FastClip™ Slide Clips (FCSC) 12ga




ClarkDietrich FastClip™ Slide Clip 97mils (12ga) deflection clips are used to attach exterior curtain-wall studs to the building structure and provide for  vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing. A FastClip deflection clip installs quickly with screws or powder-actuated fasteners, and provides adjustable standoff to ensure a plumb wall plane. FastClip Deflection Screws are provided with each clip to ensure friction-free sliding. Each clip is also embossed with fastening patterns to ensure accurate placement of fasteners. 

  • Vertical movement up to 3" (1-1/2" up and 1-1/2" down).
  • 5-1/2" FastClip™ permits up to 2" of standoff from the primary frame.
  • FastClip™ Deflection Screws (included) provide frictionless slip connection.
  • U.S. Patent No. 6,688,069


Product Data & Ordering Information

Product code Gauge Mils Design
thickness (in)
Size (in) Packaging
FCSC 5-1/2" 12 97 0.1017" 1-1/2" x 5-1/2" x 4-1/2" 25





Connections to the building can be made with screws, powder-actuated fasteners or drill-in concrete anchors. Mechanical fasteners shall be located on the embossed marks given on the scored line of the 1.5" flange. Two or three FastClip™ Deflection Screws (based upon clip size) are used to attach the clip to the cold-formed steel framing. Screws shall be driven through the slotted holes and positioned to allow for the appropriate building deflection.



FastClip™ deflection screws

Many of the ClarkDietrich deflection clips include our proprietary FastClip fastener that has been specifically designed to provide friction-free deflection. These fasteners eliminate drag, binding or resistance that can often occur with common fasteners.


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