EXTENDED FastClip™ (FCEC) 14ga

Provides for vertical building movement up to 3” and is commonly used for large standoff conditions

EXTENDED FastClip™ Slide Clip™ (FCEC) 68mils (14ga) deflection clips (8" clip is available in 14ga & 12ga)  are used to attach exterior curtain wall studs to the building structure and provide for vertical building movement independent of the cold-formed steel framing. The clips are available in standard lengths of 6", 8”, 10” and 12” and are ideal for medium to larger standoff conditions. EXTENDED FastClip™ deflection clips install quickly with screws, welds or powder-actuated fasteners, and provide adjustable standoff to ensure a plumb wall plane. FastClip™ Deflection Screws are provided with each clip to ensure friction-free sliding.

Meets Intertek CCRR-0208 in compliance with the 2018, 2015 & 2012 International Building Code® (IBC) and International Residential Code® (IRC), as well as the 2017 Florida Building Code and 2016 California Building Code.

Meets SFIA Certification for Manufacturing Compliance Program for Connectors for Cold-Formed Steel Construction.

Check the updated list of Certified Production Facilities at Intertek's website at www.intertek.com/building/sfia

  • Eliminates shims and scabs.
  • Vertical movement up to 3" (1-1/2" up and 1-1/2"down).
  • Specially designed to simplify welding installation
  • Fast, one-piece universal installation. No left or right handed clips.
  • FastClip™ Deflection Screws (included) provide frictionless slip connections.
  • Custom and longer lengths available.


Product Data & Ordering Information

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Product code Gauge Mils Design
thickness (in)
Size (in) Packaging
FCEC 6" 14 68 0.0713 1-7/8" x 6" x 4-3/4" 25
FCEC 8" 14 68 0.0713 1-7/8" x 8" x 4-3/4" 25
FCEC 8" 12 97 0.1017 1-7/8" x 8" x 4-3/4" 25
FCEC 10" 14 68 0.0713 1-7/8" x 10" x 4-3/4" 25
FCEC 12" 14 68 0.0713 1-7/8" x 12" x 4-3/4" 25



Connections to the building can be made with screws, welds powder-actuated fasteners or drill-in concrete anchors. Mechanical fasteners shall be located on the embossed marks given on the scored line of the 1-7/8" flange. Attach building anchors to the structure according to the manufacture’s instructions. Anchors shall be installed through the embossments on the scored line of the clip as shown on the attached drawings. In no case shall anchors be installed more than 3/4" from the bend on the short leg of the clip. In cases of discrepancy between this information and the Design Engineer’s details, the Design Engineer’s details shall be followed. Three FastClip™ Deflection Screws are used to attach the clip to the cold-formed steel framing. Screws shall be driven through the slotted holes and positioned to allow for the appropriate building deflection.


FastClip™ deflection screws

Many of the ClarkDietrich deflection clips include our proprietary FastClip fastener that has been specifically designed to provide friction-free deflection. These fasteners eliminate drag, binding or resistance that can often occur with common fasteners.


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