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#701B/#801B Zinc L-Trim

Applied after panel installation to finish veneer plaster edges at wall terminations

Veneer trims 701B and 801B are L-shaped trims designed for use at junctions of veneer gypsum base with rough concrete or masonry ceilings.

Application(s): Plaster

Sized to fit 1/2" and 5/8" gypsum plaster base, 701B provides 3/32" grounds for two-coat veneer, and 801B has 1/16" grounds for one-coat veneer plaster.

Zinc veneer trims are the zinc equivalents of 701B and 801B with the added benefit of providing ultimate corrosion protection for exterior applications. Available in standard length of 10'.

  • Mini-mesh flanges for keying
  • Eliminates shadowing
  • Zinc coated for corrosion protection
  • Also available in Galvanized

Material: .012" 99.97% pure Zinc, compliant with ASTM B69

Code Approvals & Performance Standards

  • ASTM B69 Standard Specification for Rolled Zinc
  • ASTM C841 Standard Specification for Installation of Interior Lathing and Furring
  • ASTM C1047 Standard Specification for Accessories for Gypsum Wallboard and Gypsum Veneer Base
  • ASTM C1063 Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster

PRoduct submittal SHeets

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Product Code Description
Z71B & Z81B #701B (Zinc) L-Trim 1/2"
#701B (Zinc) L-Trim 5/8"
#801B (Zinc) L-Trim 1/2"
#801B (Zinc) L-Trim 5/8"

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