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Five Reasons You Should Consider Paper-Faced Corner Bead For Your Next Drywall Job

Submitted by Jenny Hull on

For drywall finishers, finding innovative ways to maximize quality craftsmanship while staying efficient with your time is a daily struggle. With several advantages over traditional metal corner bead, ClarkDietrich Paper-Faced Corner Bead is a game-changer, addressing common issues faced by contractors while providing a cost-effective and time-saving alternative. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider paper-faced corner bead for your next drywall project.

PF Bead

1. Crack Elimination with Superior Quality

Some of the most prevalent headaches in drywall finishing are the unsightly cracks along metal edges. Paper-faced corner bead virtually eliminates this problem by embedding galvanized metal within high-protection paper. This combination results in a higher quality corner that resists cracking, edge chips, and nail pops. The paper-faced design provides a smooth and durable finish that stands the test of time.

2. Labor-Savings

It’s no secret that labor shortages in the construction industry remain a pressing concern. Paper-faced corner bead can help your crew finish quickly and move onto the next job by eliminating the need for mechanical fasteners like nails, screws, or staples. The drywall mud seamlessly embeds the paper bead to the wall, significantly reducing installation time and effort. This innovation not only enhances labor efficiency but also contributes to cost savings on materials.

3. Fuzz-Free Sanding

While some inferior paper-faced or mesh corner beads often “fuzz up” when sanded, leading to additional work and refinishing, there is now a high-quality alternative that eliminates this concern. ClarkDietrich Paper-Faced Corner Bead features a smooth and paintable paper surface that won’t fuzz-up during sanding, which ensures a clean finish and saves valuable time in the final stages of your drywall project.

4. Superior Adhesion and Bonding Strength

The paper-faced design not only eliminates cracking issues but also provides superior adhesion and bonding strength. This ensures that your corners remain intact and durable over time, offering a long-lasting solution for your drywall installations. The product’s commitment to quality translates into a finished project that exceeds expectations.

5. Product Availability

ClarkDietrich’s nationwide manufacturing and stocking footprint means its paper-faced corner bead is readily available regardless of where your project is located. This reliability streamlines the supply chain for contractors, allowing for a seamless and efficient drywall installation process.

Paper-faced corner bead boasts several advantages that make it worth a look for your next drywall finishing job. It strikes a perfect balance between low cost and high quality. As the construction industry continues to face labor shortages, the efficiency and time-saving features of paper-faced corner bead become even more crucial.

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