Missed Us At The 2017 INTEX and/or BIMForum Expo?



2017 AWCI INTEX Expo

Held in Las Vegas, NV March 29th - 30th

ClarkDietrich showcased Trakloc® Steel Framing SystemClip ExpressSMClarkDietrich iTools and all their labor saving products.

We also introduced the HASSLES.  What are the Hassles?  We’ve chosen to clearly label the challenges that plague you collectively as the Hassles.  As you’ll learn, they exist in a variety of forms, each with their own name and warped sense of purpose. After all, knowing who your enemies are is the first step to defeating them. The Hassles are imaginatively menacing characters. But the complications, turmoil and troubles they represent are 100% real-world.  Join us as we unleash our full system of cold-formed steel framing products, digital tools and support services to eradicate these enemies of progress.

Join the battle and be part of the conversation at stopthehassles.com.  And, in the social media sphere, you can also follow our mission on Twitter and Instagram at #StopTheHassles.

ClarkDietrich Building Systems is more than a manufacturer of the industry’s broadest portfolio of steel framing systems and accessories.  We’re a recognized resource for product information and marketplace perspectives.  Review our latest edition of VANTAGEPOINT for articles highlighting labor saving products and solutions.

2017 Spring BIMForum Expo

Held in San Diego, CA April 3rd-5th
ClarkDietrich Engineering Services showcased their Architectural and Contractor BIM Services and Tools along with how our BIM Team is taking BIM to the field.  Find out more about our BIM Services and Tools at clarkdietrich.com/BIM.
Couldn't make it to the Spring BIMForum Event? We hope to see you at the 2017 Fall BIMForum/BuildCon Event in Dallas, TX in November.

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