BIM Systems

Ready to see a better BIM?

With our new add-on tools for Revit®, ClarkDietrich steel framing products can quickly be imported into your designs—along with richer data to enhance project coordination and collaboration.

ClarkDietrich is offering multiple Interactive BIM Systems & Services for cold-formed steel framing.
Click on the systems below to find out more about how they are customized for your needs:

ClarkDietrich Wall Type Creator™ (Free Revit® add-on tool)

BIM/Revit® Tools for Architects -The first cold-formed steel Revit® add-on design tool that intelligently builds wall types with detailed information and design properties, such as UL assemblies based on fire rating requirements, STC sound ratings and limiting height design. And it's all FREE!

(NEW) ClarkDietrich Custom BIM Framing Tools

BIM/Revit® Tools for Contractors - Cold-formed steel advanced element creation tools provide detailed family assemblies of ClarkDietrich's ProSTUD®, RedHeader®, MaxTrak® and other wall framing elements.

ClarkDietrich BIM Objects / Families for Revit®

Download ClarkDietrich’s Revit Families to include in your Revit Project. You’ll find everything from ProSTUD Drywall Framing members to connection clips.

ClarkDietrich BIM Engineering Services

CDES offers BIM coordination and engineering design services for cold-formed steel framing to architects, general contractors and subcontractors. BIM coordination includes assisting with clash avoidance, collaborating with other trades, creating 3D visuals for cold-formed steel framing, providing detailed documentation/shop drawings that include wall elevations, sections and plan views, and other customized BIM services. We offer the industry's most knowledgeable, trusted team of experts to support BIM questions and projects.


The CDES BIM Team now offers the service of adding field points into their BIM models for locations like: jamb studs, duct openings, corner studs and anchor connections. All points are added using Autodesk® Point Layout and are field coordinated using GTP Total Stations.

BIM Project Gallery

CDES has developed more than  4 million square feet of BIM coordinated cold-formed steel (CFS) models for our clients. CDES offers BIM services for all Levels of Development and at all phases of the project. Explore some of our BIM projects in our Project Gallery and you will quickly see how we can convert our experience into your success.


Want to learn more about BIM? AWCI has completed a 10-part webinar series covering many aspects of Building Information Modeling and its implementation, and the series is now available on demand in a recorded format. ClarkDietrich was more than happy to present for two of these series. find out more here…

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