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Best Non-Structural Steel Stud Specifications

Read "For Best Non-Structural Steel Stud Specifications, Stay Apprised of Industry Standard Requirements" White Paper by ClarkDietrich Building Systems.

WITH A HISTORY SPANNING MORE THAN HALF A CENTURY in noncombustible commercial construction, cold-formed steel is a popular material choice for framing non-structural interior walls, load-bearing interior and exterior walls, floor joists, and curtain walls. The many performance-based characteristics and green attributes of cold-formed steel framing have enabled architects to design structures that are safer and more durable, dynamic as well as sustainable.

Therefore, it’s important to understand the material and manufacturing requirements, installation requirements and specification of fire-rated partitions for light-gauge non-structural steel framing. Find out more in this White Paper.


See ClarkDietrich's Architectural Specifications in MaserSpec and ARCAT formats.