Vinyl Control Joint

Designed to control cracking

Designed to relieve stress and assist in controlling cracking in large areas of walls and ceilings. Specially designed Connector Clips are provided for alignment and base for sealants. Vinyl control joints have a very similar design to same accessory made of metal.


Product Data & Ordering Information

Product code Ground (in.) Size (in.) Pcs./Box
1538 3/8 4 flange width 35
1550 1/2 35

NOTE: Connector clips are not provided with 3/8" ground. Positive attachment of each flange or control joint to separate framing is required.  Caulk all intersections, butt joints, ends and corners at time of installation.


ASTM & Code Standards

  • Material: ASTM D1784 and D4216 cell Class 13244C
  • Installation: ASTM C1063 (Stucco), C1780-17 Standard Practice for Installation Methods for Adhered Veneer Stone
  • SDS & Product Certification Information