EasyClip™ Quick Twist Web Stiffener

Provide reinforcement at critical load points to prevent web crippling

(QTWS) EasyClip™ Quick Twist Web Stiffeners are used to provide reinforcement of joist webs to prevent crippling. Web reinforcement is often required by design to enhance the load capacity of joists. The unique design of this web stiffener allows the installer to insert the stiffener on the inside of the joist after the joist is installed. This stiffener eliminates the need to pre-insert traditional web stiffeners prior to joist installation. The one-piece assembly is easily rotated in-place for a tight fit.

  • Simple, post installation assembly
  • Easily rotated in-place for a tight fit
  • Pre-punched for easy installation of fasteners
  • Solid 12 gauge construction
  • One-piece assembly
Product Dimensions
Web widths: 3-1/2" or 6"
Lengths: 6", 7-1/4", 8", 9-1/4", 10", 11-1/4", 12" and 14" long
Material Specifications
Gauge: 12 gauge (97mil)
Design Thickness: 0.1017 inches
Coating: G90
Yield Strength: 50ksi
ASTM: A653/A653M


The unique design of the EasyClip QuickTwist web stiffener allows it to be easily rotated in-place for a tight fit between flanges. The web stiffener shall be secured to the web of the joint with (3) #10-16 screws. Screws shall be driven through the top, bottom and middle prepunched holes as shown in the illustrations.