Paper-Backed Lath

Galvanized Expanded Steel Plaster/Stucco Base

A superior mesh multi-purpose expanded steel base with an approved Grade-D weather resistant barrier attached. Application of asphalt paper-backed (APB) metal lath is used behind stone, traditional stucco and tile installations as a code compliant weather resistant barrier. It provides protection against wet areas during stucco curing. The asphalt paper-backed weather resistant barrier meets Federal Specification UUB790A: Type 1, Grade-D, Style 2 and is printed on the face of the paper for easy identification. APB is available with diamond mesh lath, self-furring dimple lath and self-furring v-groove lath. Optional 60 minute Grade-D paper available for higher weather resistance and durability.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Material: G-60 Galvanized Steel
                 Type 1, Grade-D, Style 2 Paper
Packaged: 25 bundles or 250 pieces per pallet


Wt. per

Sq. Yd.

Sheet Size Pcs./Bdl. Yds./Bdl. Yds./Pallet
Galv. 2.5 lbs. 27" x 97" 10 20 500
Galv. 3.4 lbs. 27" x 97" 10 20 500

ASTM & Code Standards:​

  • Material: ASTM C847
  • All ClarkDietrich Expanded Metal Lath is fabricated from prime galvanized steel, G60 zinc coating by the hot dipped method, conforming to Specification ASTM A-653/A-653M.
  • ATI CCRR-0204 - Metal Lath - Code Compliance Research Report
  • Asphalt paper-backed breather sheet meets Federal Specification UUB790A: Type 1, Grade-D, Style 2, ASTM D226 #15 Style
  • Installation: C1063 (exterior), ASTM C841 (interior), ASTM C-1780 (thin veneer stone)
  • SDS & Product Certification Information