#40 Two-Piece Expansion Joint

Two-piece expansion control joint

#40 Expansion Joint is a two-piece, slip joint that finishes butt ends of adjacent panels in wide or tall walls and ceilings to allow for multi-directional movement. Panels are attached to parallel studs through the expansion joint flanges, enabling the finished surface to expand or contract naturally without cracking. #40 is ideal for joining dissimilar wall types such as wood framing to CMU and at construction joints.  If installed horizontally, assure female portion is on top.

Adjustable expansion opening or reveal is 1/4" to 5/8".  Additional weather shields should be installed behind the joint to enhance the weather resistance of this system.  Backer-rod and elastic sealant is often installed to assure water resistance.

  • Also available in zinc alloy.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Product Code Ground Length Pcs./Ctn. Ft./Ctn. Wt./Ctn.
EJ40 1/2" 10' 15 150' 61 lbs.
3/4" 10' 15 150' 65 lbs.
7/8" 10' 15 150' 67 lbs.

ASTM & Code Standards:



Suggestions for installation precautions when installing two-piece expansion joints and double casing beads used as double expansion joints: ASTM C1063 requires that double casing beads used as a movement joint “with a flexible barrier membrane behind the casing beads.” It is ClarkDietrich’s opinion that all two-piece joints whether made from double casing beads or as a manufactured two-piece joint should be installed with the flexible peel and stick membrane behind the joint and it is further recommended that they be filled with backer rod and a highly elastic top quality sealant.