#66N Short Flange Casing Bead

Short flange casing bead to terminate stucco/plaster edge

Used as a stucco/plaster stop to provide a screed edge and protective finish trim while terminating plaster in a clear straight line at doors, windows, or other openings. Also, recommended as an edge divider between plaster and other dissimilar materials. The #66N short flange is used where an expanded flange is not required.

  • Available with or without weep holes.
  • Also available in zinc alloy.

Product Data & Ordering Information

Product Code Ground Length Pcs./Ctn. Ft./Ctn. Wt./Ctn. Ctn./Skid
SFCB 3/8" 10' 30 300' 46 lbs. 20
1/2" 10' 30 300' 46 lbs. 20
3/4" 10' 30 300' 49 lbs. 20
7/8" 10' 30 300' 54 lbs. 20
1" 10' 30 300' 56 lbs. 20
1-1/4" 10' 30 300' 60 lbs. 20

ASTM & Code Standards:



Suggestions for installation precautions when installing two-piece expansion joints and double casing beads used as double expansion joints: ASTM C1063 requires that double casing beads used as a movement joint “with a flexible barrier membrane behind the casing beads.” It is Clark-Dietrich’s opinion that all two-piece joints whether made from double casing beads or as a manufactured two-piece joint should be installed with the flexible peel and stick membrane behind the joint and it is further recommended that they be filled with backer rod and a highly elastic top quality sealant.