Bridle Hanger (CDBV, CDMB)

attach floor joists to structural steel beams or wood ledgers


Bridle Hangers are commonly used to attach light-gauge C-joists to structural steel beams or wood ledgers. Connections can be made with screws, powder-actuated fasteners, drill-in concrete anchors or welding.

Single and double-wide bridle hangers are also available in other widths and depths.

Coating: G90
ASTM: A653/ A653M




Product Data & Ordering Information

Product code Gauge Mil Design
thickness (in)
Depth (H) (in) Width (W) (in) Packaging
CDBV 14 68 0.0713 8 2 25
10 2 25
12 2 25
14 2 25
CDMB 12 97 0.1017 8 2 25
10 2 25
12 2 25
14 2 25



Attach bridle hanger to the primary frame as specified. When welding the hanger to the primary frame, a minimum of 1/8" x 2" fillet weld on each top flange is required. Distribute the weld equally on both top flanges. Uplift loads do not apply to weldon applications. Place joist into hanger and secure with fasteners. If bridle hanger is less than beam depth, provide back blocking.