Contour Track®

Interior (Drywall) Nonload-Bearing Contour Track

Contour Track is a low-cost, high-performance solution for creating intricate curves, bends, variable radii and arches for dramatic and distinctive walls, and bulkheads in non-load bearing partitions and ceilings.

  • Easily hand bends or forms to the desired curve, bend, radius or arch
  • One product for both curves and arches
  • Use with wood or steel studs
  • Sizes: 2-1/2”, 3-5/8” and 6”
  • Leg size: 1-1/4"
  • Thickness: 30mils (20ga DW), 33ksi
  • Coating: G40EQ (G40 or G60 available)
  • 10'-0" lengths

ClarkDietrich Contour Track flexible framing products are low-cost high performance framing solution for non-load bearing curves, bends, variable radii and arches for dramatic and distinctive ceilings, walls and bulkheads. Today’s customers want more elaborate and complex contoured architecture including dramatic sweeping soffits and bulkheads, curved or rounded walls, wavy ceilings, barrel vaults, arched and contoured openings, round or oval columns and elliptical and eyebrow curves.

Punched Webs
Contour Track is permanently locked into place by securing it to the primary supporting structure using the pre-punched holes conveniently placed throughout the web.

Expandable Ribbon Technology
Contour Track flexible framing products feature expandable ribbon technology that expands and contours to your desired curve, bend or radius. The ribbon technology offers curveable flexibility, while maintaining or holding its shape during installation.

Hinged Support Leg
The other leg of the ClarkDietrich Contour Track features pre-punched, easy-to-cut guide holes when contour track is used in arches or extreme radius conditions like column framing. In these conditions, the ribbons are quickly removed with snips and the trim holes are partially cut to provide maximum flexibility and versatility.

Interlocking Track
Contour Track flexible framing members bend both ways and easily form challenging compound curves. S-curves are easily made by overlapping and interlocking one two-inch web section. Screw attach, then hand bend to the desired effect.