HDS® Framing System

The Heavy-Duty Stud (HDS®) Framing System


The Heavy-Duty Stud (HDS®) Framing System is a high-performance, cost effective, multi-purpose, heavy-duty framing stud for headers, jambs, posts and built-up tube truss chords and webs. The superior strength and carrying capacity of the HDS means higher performance with fewer members. It means eliminating box beam headers, nesting track and stud for posts and jambs and also for eliminating multi-member, built-up truss chords and webs. It also means improved finish quality by eliminating excessive material and screw head buildup at connection points.


  • Curtain-wall headers, jambs and sills
  • Drywall headers and jambs
  • Load-bearing jambs
  • Trusses
  • Shearwall posts
  • Heavily loaded or tall wall studs
  • Any other application involving nested stud and track


  • Outstanding bending strength in two directions
  • Reduces installation time by 50%
  • Eliminates box beam header assembly
  • Reduces material and labor costs up to 50%
  • HDS® can be screw-attached from either side
  • Eliminates stud-to-track nesting for post, header and jamb studs
  • Openings up to 15' wide
  • Eliminates multimember built-up truss chords and webs
  • Eliminates excessive bridging for load-bearing walls and posts
  • Improves drywall finishing around doors and windows since there is no screw head buildup
  • Superior axial strength


  • HEADER LENGTHS SHOULD BE ORDERED 1/2" SHORTER THAN OPENING WIDTH TO FIT INSIDE CLIPS (Header Length = Inside of Jamb to Inside of Jamb Minus 1/2").