Blocking / Strapping

Commonly used bracing for wall studs deeper than 6"

Properly spaced horizontal steel bracing provides resistance to stud rotation and minor axis buckling under wind and axial loads. Block and strapping is typically used when wall studs exceed 6".  U-Channel or the Spazzer® bar does not provide sufficient bracing for members wider than 6". Both stud flanges must be attached to top and bottom runner flanges to provide proper end support. Floor and ceiling runners must also be anchored securely to the structure. To utilize the stud’s load carrying capacity fully, horizontal bracing must be installed at proper intervals.

Lateral bracing consists of a field-cut stud or track for solid blocking and steel strap bracing on both flanges of the studs. Solid blocking is placed at each end of the wall, adjacent to wall openings and 8' O.C. maximum. The blocking is attached to each adjacent stud via EasyClip™ E- or S- Series™ clips, or when a track is used, the flanges are cut, the web bent and a minimum 4" overlap is used to secure the track block to the studs. Strap bracing, 2" wide and 20-gauge (33 mil) minimum, is fastened to each solid block and stud flange.

  • Blocking is field cut.
  • Used if knockouts do not align.

Product Data & Ordering Information

20 and 18 gauge has a yield strength of 33,000psi.
16, 14 and 12 gauge has a yield strength of 50,000psi.

Gauge (mils) Min. Width Max. Width Length
20 (33) 2" 12" 10'
18 (43) 2" 12" 10'
16 (54) 2" 12" 10'
14 (68) 2" 12" 10'
12 (97) 2" 12" 10'