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Barrier Mesh for Security

High-strength expanded metal mesh for walls and ceilings

Barrier Mesh™ is a tough, rigid, heavy-gauge steel mesh installed typically onto stud framing (both metal and wood), with gypsum sheathing applied to its surface to conceal the barrier mesh, thereby providing a significant barrier to security breach across that wall system.

ClarkDietrich Barrier Mesh (BM) can also be used without sheathing to provide an enhanced protection of security to walls, ceilings as well as floors.  Barrier Mesh is produced in different size diamonds and gauges for minimum, medium or maximum security protection.

In addition to providing high-strength and fire-resistant protection, Barrier Mesh also offers a cost effective and time-saving alternative to reinforced concrete or concrete masonry systems. The Barrier Mesh System is designed to attach to metal or wood stud framing with specially designed Barrier Mesh™ clips, purchased with the Barrier Mesh and shipped together, as a system. ClarkDietrich mesh sheets are 4’x 8’ and sizes in chart below; special order mesh sizes available upon requests with additional lead-time.

  • Protects against break-ins and break-outs on metal stud framing
  • Ideal for use in lieu of reinforced concrete or concrete block
  • High-strength and fire-resistant
  • Made from carbon steel
  • Permitted for use in UL – Wall Assemblies, see UL R19331 for full listing

Projects Uses:
Correctional facilities, Government offices, Retail stores, Computer rooms, Airport security, Law enforcement facilities, Military facilities or any space that requires substantial barrier protection.

(BM-Clip) ClarkDietrich Barrier Mesh™ Clips

Custom designed Barrier Mesh Clip, specifically to be used when installing Barrier Mesh into walls and ceilings.

ClarkDietrich BM-Clips are high-strength steel components which provide secure attachment of Barrier Mesh metal panels to wood or steel stud framing for a complete Barrier Mesh System. The ClarkDietrich BM-Clips act as “washers” for the attachment of the Barrier Mesh to framing members. 300 clips/carton. BM-Clips are available upon request.



Installation and lay-out of the BM panels on the job shall be approved by the owner or general contractor prior to installation, with the intent to attach mesh panels on vertical framing members. ClarkDietrich recommends the framing members be no less than 20ga metal studs for security applications. Barrier Mesh panels may be installed with diamonds running in either direction. Barrier Mesh is produced to industry standards (EMMA) of (up to) -0 + 1⁄4" per foot tolerance in either direction of the mesh. Therefore, the mesh may not be perfectly square. The barrier mesh’s joints shall join by either staggering or butt joint diamonds. If the previous joining methods can’t be employed, ClarkDietrich allows overlapping the mesh panel’s joints, with proper fastening or wire-tying between framing at recommended spacing.


Barrier Mesh shall be attached to framing members using ClarkDietrich BM-ClipsTM through recommended threaded fasteners. Steel stud fasteners shall be flat head, bugle type, self-tapping screw long enough to penetrate the steel stud at least 3/8". For wood stud applications, use a 1-5/8" fine thread drywall screw allowing the fastener to penetrate the framing member at least 11⁄2". ClarkDietrich recommends ClarkDietrich BM-ClipsTM be installed 12" on-center vertically on framing members. The ClarkDietrich BM-ClipsTM are the preferred method of securing mesh panels to framing members. If planning to weld the Mesh to framing, please contact ClarkDietrich for specific installation instructions.

BM-Clip Product Installation Recommendation Guide

Cut the Barrier Mesh with a hand held circular saw with abrasive or carbide tip blade; hand-held grinder with cutting wheel, cutting torch or heavy duty snips.

Code Approvals & Performance Standards


All stored materials shall be kept dry. Materials shall be stacked off the ground, supported on a level platform, and protected from the weather and surface contamination.

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BM50 Barrier Mesh for Security

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