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#66X Zinc Expanded Flange Casing Bead

Expanded flange casing bead or plaster stop

Used as a stucco/plaster stop to provide a screed edge and protective finish trim while terminating plaster or thin stone in a clear, straight line at doors, windows, and other openings where extreme corrosion resistance is required.

Application(s): Stucco, Stone Veneer

The #66X is recommended as an edge divider between plaster and other dissimilar materials. An expanded flange makes tie-on applications easier.

Not recommended at base of wall in lieu of an FHA-7 Foundation Weep Screed. Designed for use under extreme reinforcement conditions where a standard short flange casing bead will be inadequate. #66X Casing Beads are available with or without weep holes and available in galvanized steel for instances where additional corrosion resistance is not required.

Galvanized steel products should not be used with Portland cement stucco containing calcium chloride additives or magnesium oxychloride cement stucco. The selection of the appropriate type of material for accessories shall be determined by the surrounding climatic and environmental conditions such as industrial pollution, salt air, and high humidity.

Code Approvals & Performance Standards

  • ASTM B69 Standard Specification for Rolled Zinc
  • ASTM C841 Standard Specification for Installation of Interior Lathing and Furring
  • ASTM C1063 Standard Specification for Installation of Lathing and Furring to Receive Interior and Exterior Portland Cement-Based Plaster
  • SDS Zinc Strip Cold Formed Finished Products

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XXZB #66X Zinc Expanded Flange Casing Bead

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