#30 Corner Master™ Control Joint

Expanded flange inside corner control joint

#30 Corner Master™ Expansion/Contraction Control Joint (Double-V) is designed to provide stress relief at inside corner intersections on plaster walls. The Double-V expansion joint absorbs movement resulting from expansion and contraction of plaster walls and controls cracking.

Application(s): Stucco

#30 Corner Master™ has expanded flanges pre-formed at 90° for a flush fit at inside corners. This expansion/control joint is offered in ground heights of 1/2", 3/4" and 7/8", which aids plaster keying and results in a clean, straight finish. 

Manufactured from galvanized steel, also available in Zinc for increased corrosion protection.



ASTM & Code Standards:


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CR30 #30 Corner Master™ Control Joint

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