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New UL Listing Reveals ClarkDietrich BlazeFrame® RipTRAK™ as Sole Option For Head of Wall Joint Systems Without the Need For Castle Cuts or Sealants

West Chester, Ohio –  December 10, 2020 - A new UL listing report shows that fire-rated head-of-wall framing projects that utilize ClarkDietrich’s trusted BlazeFrame® RipTRAK™ just got a whole lot easier. The UL listing has provided a revised installation method for BlazeFrame RipTRAK in fluted deck assemblies that removes the need for sealant and castle-cutting the board, and only requires mineral wool in the flutes of the deck. BlazeFrame RipTRAK is the only UL fire-rated head of wall joint system to meet the new test standard.

“The new installation method is a game changer for framing contractors because it will significantly streamline the installation of fire-rated head of wall systems,” said Terry Westerman, vice president, marketing, ClarkDietrich. “This is just the latest example of ClarkDietrich’s commitment to developing product solutions that are easy to use, reduce installation time and resources, and deliver superior results with fewer hassles.”

The latest addition to the company’s BlazeFrame Fire Stop product line, BlazeFrame RipTRAK is a UL-tested fire-rated head-of-wall deflection track for both roof and wall assemblies. Available in one- and two-hour rated systems, the product has an offset shoulder that represents the thickness of the wall material. A second piece of board is fit flush to the fluted deck or slab and is then attached to the shoulder, which allows the deck and the product to move in relation to the wall studs. This also allows the outer, overlapping board (the rip board) that is attached to the BlazeFrame RipTRAK to slide over the primary wall board material for a high degree of deflection.

BlazeFrame RipTRAK meets UL 2079, 5th edition; HW-D-1125 and HW-D-0823 tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems. It is offered in 33 mils, 43 mils, 54 mils and 68 mils with web sizes of 2-1/2”, 3-5/8”, 4”, 6” and 8”.

BlazeFrame RipTRAK is accompanied by RipTRAK Clips which are attached to both inside bottom legs of the RipTRAK from the outside to fasten the stud to the track. The clips reinforce any stud to track connection while still allowing deflection.

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