ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems Adds BlazeFrame™ Fire-Stopping System to its Line of Interior Steel Framing Products

June 7, 2012 - West Chester, Ohio – ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems is pleased to announce the addition of BlazeFrame™ to its full-line of interior steel framing products. BlazeFrame is an innovative fire stopping, head-of-wall system used for lightweight steel-framed commercial buildings. Featuring an affixed fire-stopping material on steel profiles, BlazeFrame simultaneously frames, provides a fire rating, as well as a smoke and sound seal of both dynamic and static perimeter joints.

The unique design of the BlazeFrame system offers protection and support of wall framing materials for up to three inches of movement capability, while eliminating requirements for caulks, sprays, drywall rips and contour drywall cuts throughout joint assemblies. When exposed to heat above 325 degrees Fahrenheit, the 2-mm thick fire-stopping material expands up to 35 times its size to prevent the passage of heat, smoke and flames during a fire.

“BlazeFrame is another example of ClarkDietrich’s commitment to providing the building community with innovative solutions and steel framing systems that not only create jobsite efficiencies and reduce construction cost, but most importantly contribute to the safety and overall comfort of a building’s occupants,” said Bill Courtney, president and CEO of ClarkDietrich Building Systems. “The inherent properties of BlazeFrame make the system ideal for applications such as multi-family dwellings, offices, schools and hospitals, hotels and other large, commercial buildings.”

BlazeFrame assemblies have been UL-Classified with the lowest possible L-Rating of less than 1 CFM/per lft. This includes substrates such as concrete, drywall, protected metal deck and unprotected fluted deck.

BlazeFrame complies with all building codes and has been evaluated to meet applicable safety standards with:

  • UL 2079: Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems
  • ASTM E 1966: Standard Test Method for Fire Resistive Joint Systems
  • ASTM E-814: Standard Method of Fire Tests of Firestop Systems
  • ULC S115-M95: Standard Method of Fire Tests of Firestop Systems

For more information on the BlazeFrame fire-stopping system, click here.

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