Top Ranking Steel Framing Manufacturers Unite as ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems

March 10, 2011 - West Chester, OH - ClarkWestern Building Systems and Dietrich Metal Framing have united to form ClarkDietrich Building Systems. By aligning the two market leaders in the metal framing industry, ClarkDietrich Building Systems ( now offers the most comprehensive steel framing product line and engineering services in North America.
"ClarkDietrich Building Systems has the capability to answer the challenges of any project in the nation, regardless of size or complexity," said Bill Courtney, chief executive officer of ClarkDietrich Building Systems. "With a complete lineup of innovative products, plus technical support services and smart tools for design and specification, we're forging a new future for steel framing."

To provide a seamless transition for the customers of both ClarkWestern and Dietrich, this company will integrate the two separate companies over the next six months.

In addition to Courtney, ClarkDietrich Building Systems will be led by Greg Ralph, vice president of business development; Jack Slattery, chief financial officer; Todd Barnett, vice president of human resources; Bill Craig, vice president of purchasing; John DiPietro, vice president of operations; and Todd Fischer, vice president of sales and marketing.

About ClarkDietrich Building Systems

ClarkDietrich Building Systems, owned by Clarkwestern Dietrich Building Systems LLC, is the leading manufacturer of a full line of drywall studs and accessories, structural studs and joists, metal lath and accessories, shaft wall studs and track, interior finishing products, and connectors and accessories for commercial and residential construction. Quality manufacturing, a full-line offering, engineering services, and responsive customer service position ClarkDietrich Building Systems as the largest and fastest growing manufacturer of light gauge steel framing in North America.

For more information contact:
Jenny Hull, ClarkDietrich Building Systems

Twitter: @clarkdietrich