ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus™ Coating

We don't just meet the code. We exceed the standards.

Results from salt spray testing reveal that ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus Coating not only meets the performance level of standard G40 steel—it far surpasses it.
Our DiamondPlus Coating process, which forms a permanent bond with the steel, provides tremendous corrosion resistance and results in these superior outcomes in test group averages data:
  • Corrosion began on the G40 steel after 120 hours of salt spray (fog) testing, and it rapidly reached the 10% failure threshold at 192 hours on average.
  • By comparison, DiamondPlus coated samples did not climb above 3% surface rust, even after 240 hours.
  • Further, each test was run to—and beyond—the 10% surface rust failure point of G40 steel. In averaged data, ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus coated samples did not reach failure, even after hundreds of hours.
  • Testing is conducted in accordance with ASTM B117 standards at the ClarkDietrich Research Center, an IAS Certified Laboratory.
We firmly stand behind all of our products. Further, we believe sharing up-to-date, verifiable information is vital to the strength of the industry and our relationships.
To learn more about these test results and the full trust you can put in ClarkDietrich DiamondPlus Coating, please contact our Technical Services experts at 888.437.3244.